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USDA licensing NY?

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USDA licensing NY?

Postby Akuma223 » Sun Apr 13, 2014 8:30 am

Hello all, So its been my dream for as long as I can remember to get a pet red fox. For as long as I've known how to use a computer I've done the research over and over again in preparation for that wonderful day in the future. Now I am 18 and that day is still very far off but my aspirations haven't changed a bit. I have had the wonderful opportunity this year to personally interact with foxes, lemurs, and bobcats and know without a shadow of doubt that I want to have the privilege of working with these animals and educating the public about them! Now, know that I will not be getting any creature this serious for years until I have a home and property I will live on for years to come. I know damn well how massive a responsibility this kind of thing is and will only do it when I can do the best for the animals that I can.
I know I want to do this beyond just so I can have these animals because I LOVE teaching people about animals! Whenever I am on vacation I catch lizards and tidal pool creatures and let people see and touch them and tell them about them and why they are important and beautiful. While in Aruba I caught an adult iguana and told people what they eat, how hard they can bite (to deter people like me!), and how wonderful they are. I often catch snakes and let people touch them and look at them to help combat fears and misconceptions about them.

So, I wish to know what the process of getting a USDA class c license is like as well as

-If you've done educational shows before, how did you get started?
-I'd love to know everyones personal experience and opinions on this topic is
-What difficulties and challenges have you faced?
-how do you exhibit your animals, shows only or a facility people visit?

Also know that if I were to do this It would include educating the public about native species (reptiles, mammals, etc.) as well as proper husbandry, facts about exotic animals and the pros and cons of keeping them as captives, and the importance of these animals and their natural environments.

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