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FOX CARE sheets and SAFETY sheets

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Re: FOX CARE sheets and SAFETY sheets

Postby TamanduaGirl » Mon Feb 08, 2016 6:57 pm

A reminder that laws all over the country require bites and scratches from exotic mammals be reported, meaning if you tell your DR your fox did it he has to report it to the health department. They will then take the fox and kill it to test for rabies. Vaccinating your fox does not save it from this fate since is not officially proven for the species. Most owners practice "don't tell" and will say the injury happened some other way if they do need to see someone about an injury cause by their fox/exotic.

If someone does report a bite the only hope, other than hiding the animal and paying the consequences for doing so, is to get or have the victim get post exposure rabies treatments. Then sometimes the state will let the animal live since the risk is gone once treated. Sometimes they wont as, especially if it's a bite, they will consider the animal aggressive and so suspect of rabies, but sometimes they don't and treatment is enough to stop the killing.
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Re: FOX CARE sheets and SAFETY sheets

Postby pat » Mon Dec 17, 2018 8:33 am

good post mary.

some people take their foxes for a walk in the public. personally, I don't recommend this. it only takes one person to complain or nip the person.
Personally, I don't take my foxes out in public. my state don't allow it anyway, unless I am going to the vet.

make sure if required, you have the proper permit for a fox or any exotic for that matter.
if someone don't have the proper papers, you stand a risk of losing your animal.

I will tell you a quick story when a friend of mine had a bear cub. she didn't get it legal at that time. when she got it.(we were working on it though)
some how the game commission found out. the day the game commission found out about it,
they came to her house, along with the police, media. it was like a darn circus there :roll:
to sum it up, they took her bear cub, killed it, along with the dogs she had.
for some reason, many people and game commission seem to think all raccoons and foxes have rabies :roll:

guess, my point is to make sure your fox or any exotic is legal. when my friends bear cub was taken, they killed it, and cut the head off to test for rabies. what the game commission don't understand, is it is very rare a bear will get rabies. the last case I heard of was back in the early 1900's

guess my point is, it is best NOT to take any exotic out in public. there are many people that seem to think we should not own exotics.
It just takes one person to complain.

actually, when I take my raccoons or foxes to the vet, I am very discreet about it. I keep a cover the carrier. or request bring my fox or raccoon bypassing he waiting room

prior to me being discreet, I had one of my raccoons at the vet. he was in a carrier with a sheet over it. when I was checking out,
a woman asked me what I had in the carrier, I stupidly said a raccoon. the woman went as far away from me as you could. :roll:
I do the same with my foxes. a sheet goes over them or they are taken in the back so no one see's him/her.
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