could anyone post this on their Facebook, or whatever they have for media. It is for Lucy (my beagle) She is totally blind from cataracts in both eyes. She can get surgery, but, it cost $1000.00 per eye. Even if I got one eye done, it is better than nothing at all.

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What's the MOST UNUSUAL/EXOTIC animal you've been bitten by?

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Re: What's the MOST UNUSUAL/EXOTIC animal you've been bitten

Postby Ash » Sat Feb 18, 2012 4:35 pm

That's cool. I think it would be neat to have a bonding moment with an actual "wild" animal.
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Re: What's the MOST UNUSUAL/EXOTIC animal you've been bitten

Postby Nova » Sat Feb 18, 2012 4:58 pm

Strangely I've very rarely been bit. I've dealt with some wildlife rehab and working with various animals both wild and domesticated but... yeah haven't been bitten in the last ten + years. I think the most unusual bite I can think of since then is probably the one that hospitalized me when I was four or so. A california king snake bit me. I don't really remember it, but my mom always turns grey if I bring it up. It must not have been a fun 24 hours for her.
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Re: What's the MOST UNUSUAL/EXOTIC animal you've been bitten

Postby Moonfall » Sat Feb 18, 2012 5:01 pm

It was, I even took a couple of photos of her. <3

/and then I was in love

EDIT- I uploaded the pictures of her :3 ... 120113.jpg ... 120115.jpg
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Re: What's the MOST UNUSUAL/EXOTIC animal you've been bitten

Postby Jen Jen » Mon Feb 20, 2012 7:07 pm

When I was in highschool I was bitten by a rattlesnake at my local state park. Luckily I was able to get medical attention within 30 minutes of being bitten, the doctor in the ER said I was super lucky because the snake was young and released a bunch of venom before biting me. The scaring was minimal, and the tattoo I got a few months ago hides it perfectly.

A crab at the beach gave me a good pinch, I bled for quite awhile. I was just swimming, and it got me.

I think I was almost bitten by a shark once. Well, a curious bump to my thigh probably to just check me out(but for all I know, I was moments away from a bite). Don't swim out at Daytona...soooooooooooo many sharks. I guess I should be surprised this was my only encounter through the years. XD
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Re: What's the MOST UNUSUAL/EXOTIC animal you've been bitten

Postby caninesrock » Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:52 am

I don't remember what it was exactly,but it was some kind of exotic hoofstock,like an antelope or deer or something. I was at this petting zoo type placed where they would give you food and you can hand fed the animal and one of them bit my hand trying to get to the food. It didn't really hurt. Just felt more like a pinch because the animal didn't really have any teeth(or barely any teeth) since it was a herbivore.

Other than that, the only animals I've ever been bitten by were a golden retriever and some ferrets. The golden retriever was just a warning bite when I was young child(like 5 at the time I think) doing something to the dog it didn't like)(reaching for it's dog tag around it's neck). The ferret bites were probably just play-nips.

I was grabbed by a capuchin monkey working at the zoo the other day though when I got too close to the cage and it reached out its arms through the bars,but I wasn't bitten. It just nibbled my shirt sleeve a little(which wasn't on my skin because the sleeves are really too big for my arms) and because I stayed calm,it let go and I was able to move farther away from the exhibit.

There are other animals I've been scratched by though. Namely, rabbits and cats(on purpose) and by dogs(on accident when they jumped up on me to greet me).
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Re: What's the MOST UNUSUAL/EXOTIC animal you've been bitten

Postby Delight » Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:47 pm

Oh where to start.... I've been bitten by sugar gliders, flying squirrels, bushbabies, coatimundis, ferrets, snakes, lizards, raccoons, geoffroys cat, serval hmm.... One of the drawbacks of doing rescue is that you have to handle less than friendly animals LMAO! The most recent bite was a coatimundi bite though - she nailed my knuckle pretty good. I would have to say the worst bite was probably the bushbaby, they have a lot of bacteria in their mouth so it swelled up HUGE. He bit me on my thumb and withen about 5 minutes my thumn swelled up to the size of a BIG marble - it took almost a month of the bite to heal. The next worse was probably a sugar glider. It was a rescue girl who got out of her cage and I had to catch her in a pinch and she sunk her bottom teeth into my finger and chipped off a peice of the bone in my index finger which got caught in the puncture wound - that one took a really really long time to heal too and I still have the scar from it.
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Re: What's the MOST UNUSUAL/EXOTIC animal you've been bitten

Postby egroegart » Wed Nov 28, 2012 9:51 pm

Badly bitten by my first bob, when he was only 8 weeks old. :stars: Was an accident. He was just jumping up to get his chicken and latched on to my hand. Bit all the way through, crushed bones, tendons.......I still have pain in that hand. Doubt it will ever go away. Also got bit twice by wolf spiders. That hurts.

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