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Most Wanted Invasive/Endangered Animals

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Most Wanted Invasive/Endangered Animals

Postby caninesrock » Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:58 am

Here you can tell what species that are either endangered, invasive, hard to import, not in captivity, or hard to find or acquire for any reason, that you want the most.

This is my list from most wanted to least wanted:

1. Siberian Dholes(invasive, endangered, cites)
2. Mexican Gray Wolves(endangered)
3. Lousiana Red Wolves(critically endangered)
4. Iberian Wolves(endangered in native country(but not ESA of US) and cites,so legal but hard to import)
5.Eastern Coyote/Coywolf(very few in captivity)
6. Syrian Golden Jackal(Not in captivity outside of Israel. Legally protected there.)
7. Indian Golden Jackal(Not many in captivity outside of India).
8.Lupo Italiano(Breed belonging to the Italian government and lone to Italian Search and Rescue agencies. Not commercialized and not allowed to be imported out of Italy.)
9.Sulimov Dog(Breed created by Russian airport to be used as sniffer dogs which hasn't been commercialized yet.)
10.Culpeo(Not many in captivity outside of South America)
11. Raccoon Dog(invasive)
12.Coydog(There aren't any breeders that I'm aware of. Most are the result of accidental breedings from my understanding.)
13. Marten(Not many in captivity)
14. Fisher(Not many in captivity)
15.Stoat(Not many in captivity)
16.European Mink(endangered)
17. Marbled Polecat(Not many in captivity)
18. Polecat-Mink Hybrid(Not many in captivity)
20.Yellow Mongoose(invasive)
Exotic Wishlist: high content wolfdog or wolf,low to mid content wolfdog, Coyote, Coydog, Black-backed Jackal, New Guinea Singing Dog, Red Fox, Gray Fox, Mink, Raccoon, Coati,and Kinkajou.

Domestic Wishlist: dogs, cats, ferrets, donkey, mule
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Re: Most Wanted Invasive/Endangered Animals

Postby Ash » Sun Feb 05, 2012 2:13 am

You probably guessed, but marbled polecats for me! :icon-wink:
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