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Fantasy Dream Property

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Re: Fantasy Dream Property

Postby TamanduaGirl » Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:44 pm

Yeah that place is in Japan.
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Re: Fantasy Dream Property

Postby Nìmwey » Wed Nov 26, 2014 11:19 am

So, I stumbled upon an old thread. :mrgreen:

My dream home (that I still see as possible) would be...

Several acres (as many as I could afford) in southern Europe. Doesn't need to be beautiful and idyllic, space is more important.

Unless there's already a good house there, I would want to have an Earthship (self-sustainable houses made completely from garbage) built:


Lots of these:


Large aviaries filled with parrots, cockatoos and other exotic birds (as a rescue - other animals I would most likely buy but I want to have an actual parrot rescue/sanctuary, and have wanted to since my mid teens).
Also aviaries for birds of prey, and vultures. <3


Keeping reptiles indoors, but with an outside pond for (at least seasonally) keeping a few caimans.
Large pastures for at least two horses+mules, and camels (both species!).
A large enclosure for a couple of wolfdogs (plus possibly a wolf and/or coyote):


I would also LOVE to have a striped hyena or two (or some other large carnivore), but the chance of that happening is slim, because of laws in Europe and the much more limited exotic pet trade.
My main interest is in parrots, dogs, toothed whales and snakes.
Future animals I want to have when we have land are camels, wolfdogs/wolves, coyotes or jackals, striped hyena or aardwolf. Also poultry, rabbits water buffalo and/or yak for livestock.
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Re: Fantasy Dream Property

Postby naja-naja » Sun Nov 30, 2014 2:24 pm

My fantasy dream property would be somewhere here in Ireland (absolutely no exotic pet laws at all, english speaking, democratic, western country, in the EU so easily able to transport animals from every other EU country), large house, plenty of out buildings, or space to build them, and plenty of land to develop into enclosures.

€30million ($37.34million) property in kildare, also a stud farm, on 750 acres.... i could do a fair bit with that.
http://www.daft.ie/sales/castlemartin-s ... e/1004685/

€5.95million ($7.41million) property in dublin, on 30 acres
http://www.daft.ie/sales/ashtown-lodge- ... in/931153/

the €5.8million ($7.22million) dromgarriff estate in county cork, with 2 large 10-bedroom villas and 3 smaller 3-bedroom houses on 96 acres of meadow and woodland including over 1000 trees... and a 9 hole golf course. this would be a probably my choice if i won the mega millions lottery because not only is 96 acres plenty to develop a zoo on, but the additional buildings mean i could have staff living on site as well.
http://www.daft.ie/sales/dromgarriff-es ... rk/353593/

€5.5million ($6.85million) estate in wicklow... an ACTUAL CASTLE on 373 acres..... this is my very close second choice
http://www.daft.ie/sales/roundwood-park ... ow/992415/

€5.5million ($6.85million) 225-year-old statley home in laois (pronounced like the word 'leash') on 100 acres including designated SPA (specially protected area) for wildlife some farm building also, the pictures (as with all of the other ones i've linked) are breathtaking
http://www.daft.ie/sales/capard-house-r ... is/982601/

€5million ($6.22million) coastal estate on 185 acres in county wicklow, with courtyard, stables, agri yard, stock yard and an american barn.
http://www.daft.ie/sales/myrtle-lodge-b ... ow/716565/

€4.75 million ($5.91m) manor house on 154 acres (8 acres of gardens surrounding the house, 80 acres of woodland and 66 acres of fenced paddock areas) which includes a 1 acre lake. obviously great habitat for wildlife if you look at a photo of one of the drive carefully signs listing some of the wildlife in the area, the gardens house a 60-tree mixed fruit orchard among other things.
http://www.daft.ie/sales/borleagh-manor ... rd/937461/

€3.5m ($4.35m) house on 100 acres, 20 acres is woodland and gardens around the house itself, the remaining 80 acres are split between 13 pasturelands bordered by trees
http://www.daft.ie/sales/hollywood-hous ... ow/982604/

€3.25m ($4.05m) 3 story 18th century house on 250 acres... too many features to list, just take a look.

€2.95m ($3.67m) island for sale in county kerry (my home county).... well actually half an island. the island is 26 acres, and the 25 acre property is half the island plus 12 acres of mainland, including 4000ft of shoreline between them. like most of my other dream houses, it is a haven for native wildlife, in this case marine life, such as seals, otters, and dolphins. stunning place, well worth checking out the link, definitely one of my faves.
http://www.daft.ie/sales/mermaid-isle-i ... ry/419490/

€2.85m ($3.55m) mount hanover house in county meath, over 300 years old. on 109 acres. plenty of farm buildings, stable bloack, kennels, cattle stalls, tack room, coach house, barn, sheds.....

€2.8m ($3.49m) stud farm in county cork. size not states, but looks exceptional
http://www.daft.ie/sales/garyhankard-st ... rk/992438/

€2.3m ($2.86m) house with 35 acres including 2 private islands in county cork (currently owned by 1940s silver screen actress, maureen o hara, star of hunchback of notre dame, 1939 and miracle on 34th st, 1947) amazing pics
http://www.daft.ie/sales/lugdine-park-g ... k/1007799/

€2m ($2.49m) ballyglibin estate, county cork. 140 acres and the ruins of the original manor house on site (very cool imo)
http://www.daft.ie/sales/ballygiblin-es ... rk/992465/

€2m ($2.49m) gothic style house called quinville abbey in county clare, with the option of either 47 acres or of you want a smaller property, just the house and immediate 12 acres sold seperatley/ this place is so cool looking and the wooded part of the grounds are very nice.
http://www.daft.ie/sales/quinville-abbe ... re/661944/

€1.95 million ($2.43m) knockabbey castle in county louth (another real castle!!) over 600 years old, built in 1399, with 30 acres, water gardens that are even older then the castle, first started by the area's monks (hence the name, knockabbey) over 1000 years ago. this place is just unreal and another contender for my pick.
http://www.daft.ie/sales/knockabbey-cas ... th/938116/

€1.8m ($2.24m) dundaniel estate in county cork, available with 65 acres
http://www.daft.ie/sales/dundaniel-esta ... k/1012697/

€1.78m ($2.22m) partry house and estate in county mayo, 248 acres, over 335 years old, with 4km (2.5 miles) of lakefront and 2 private islands of 10 acres and 2 acres in size on lough mask. there is a heard of approx. 100 fallow deer living wild on the estate which still retains it's hunting and sporting rights and is regarded as excellent for wild fowl shooting. it also has excellent habitat in the form of native deciduous forest for protected species such as pine marten. of the 248 acres, about 70 is pasture land, divided up into 15 field divisions, the remaining 178 acres are woodland, parkland, and lake foreshore. the more i look at this place the more i think it may surpass the others into becoming my favorite one, definitely the best value per acre (€7177 or $8934 per acre) so far at any rate.
http://www.daft.ie/sales/partry-house-p ... yo/940665/

€1.75m ($2.18m) tooman house and farm, county wicklow, 116 acres of mixed farmland, parkland and woodland, includes the main farmhouse, the courtyard and farm buildings, a 3-bedroom bungalow with an additional granny flat, and a finnish log house.
http://www.daft.ie/sales/tooman-house-f ... ow/955287/

€1.475m ($1.836m) gurteen farm in county tipperary (pronounced tipp-er-airy) 147 acres, 17th century.
http://www.daft.ie/sales/gurteen-farm-m ... ry/992454/

€1.45m ($1.8m) lodge in co. westmeath, 91 acres, 1.6km or 1 mile in lakeshore (i like the idea of having a lake, or lakeshore property because in this fantasy scenario, i have elephants lol)
http://www.daft.ie/sales/derravaragh-lo ... th/947534/

€1.45m ($1.8m) 'heathers' in co, wicklow, only 27 acres, but they are beautiful.
http://www.daft.ie/sales/heathers-glenc ... ow/944939/

there are probably a few others but i think these are enough, they are well worth checking out the links.
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Re: Fantasy Dream Property

Postby veralidaine » Wed Jan 28, 2015 11:24 pm

My fantasy property would be at least 300 acres, preferably within an hour from Ottawa but in one of the counties with no exotic animal ban. Part of it would be a hobby farm with a large herb garden,large vegetable garden, greenhouse (because I need to extend the growing season in Eastern Ontario) that is heated using a compost pile (somebody on youtube did this, had a tubing system that went through his huge compost pile and drew warm liquid along the sides of the greenhouse then back to the compost pile.), fruit tress, hazel truffle trees, berry bushes, a barn with one or two gypsy vanners/clydesdales, a couple pigs, a couple water buffalo, a couple sheep and goats, chickens, ducks, geese, guinea hens, turkeys, quail, and pheasants.

The other part would have the enclosures for my exotic animals, which would hopefully include wolves, a hyena, a serval, a lion, a kangaroo/wallaby, a fox, a lemur, and a genet, at least.

Realistically, I don't think I'm going to get the location I want, I'm just not seeing any large acreages near Ottawa. There are tons of large acreages in Northern Ontario but they wouldn't really be able to support crops and to be honest, I'm just not interested in winters that are colder than Ottawa winters. In addition to having to move south (which wouldn't be so bad considering the growing season would be longer), I would probably need to re-purpose a farm, since there don't seem to be many large acreages that don't already feature a swine/dairy/beef farm.

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