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If you could make your own theme park...

games, quizzes, lists(wish lists, favorites lists, etc) and other fun things

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If you could make your own theme park...

Postby caninesrock » Mon Mar 26, 2012 12:07 am

What would be in it?

For me my lands in my theme park would be:

1.Pirate Realm (Pirate themed obviously)
2.Animal Realm(Animal/Nature Theme)
3.Medieval Realm(Medieval times/Castles/Knights,etc. themed)
4.Yokai Realm(Japanese folklore and mythology based realm with maybe some Korean and Chinese folklore and mythology added in as well)
5.Fairy Tale Realm(based on bringing Fairy Tales and mythology from around the world to life)
6.Arabian Nights Realm(a fantasy version of ancient arabian with like flying carpets and other Aladdin-ish and a 1001 Nights type fantasy theme things in it)
Exotic Wishlist: high content wolfdog or wolf,low to mid content wolfdog, Coyote, Coydog, Black-backed Jackal, New Guinea Singing Dog, Red Fox, Gray Fox, Mink, Raccoon, Coati,and Kinkajou.

Domestic Wishlist: dogs, cats, ferrets, donkey, mule
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Re: If you could make your own theme park...

Postby Rejillia » Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:26 pm

I think that if I could have my own theme park, I'd have:
1. A magic (witches and wizards/Harry Potter-ish/Mythical creatures) realm
2. A nature/animal realm (mostly forest themed, but with a few rainforest or desert areas)
3. A SeaWorld type dealio as far as all the walkthrough aquariums and little petting areas with horseshoe crabs and rays, with more water rides and stuff
4. A medieval realm (themed same as yours but with all the mythical creatures believed to be real at the time)
5. The Yokai theme you mentioned would be pretty awesome, especially if there were all sorts of Japanese street foods and traditional foods available. :)
6. And finally, a supernatural/monster/scary things realm. With rides and areas themed different things, like hauntings/ ghosts for one area, scary creatures for another area, etc... It would be really super awesome if Patricia Piccinini designed all the creatures and some of the ride too. :P
And of course, I'd want everything designed so that you really felt you were in each area's theme, and I would totally have all the employees dress for the area they worked in. Plus tons of themed gift shops/restaurants cuz I know I love it when places like that have that kind of stuff. Lol That was so long. I'm sure I'll probably think of even more stuff later too
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Re: If you could make your own theme park...

Postby Splashstorm » Tue Aug 14, 2012 1:17 am

If I had my own theme park, the themes would be:

-exotic pets
-Romantic :D
Past Pets: Sea-monkeys, 7 Cottontail rabbits, a Wakin goldfish, 2 cats & a betta fish.
Wishlist: Malinois, Alaskan wolf, hyena, liger (& other big cats), Arabian horse, dolphin, & much more!

~RIP my Cottontail rabbit Brownie AUG 15 2011~

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