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North Carolina Wildlife captivity license. (funny I think.)

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North Carolina Wildlife captivity license. (funny I think.)

Postby AzureWolf » Tue Jul 08, 2014 10:47 pm

Ok...to me this is funny and a little odd. North Carolina regulations state: A Wildlife Captivity License authorizes an individual to possess wild animals or wild birds that are crippled, tame, or unfit for immediate release into their natural habitat for scientific, educational, exhibition, or other purposes. However, in North Carolina, you cannot hold a wild animal or wild bird as a pet or for amusement or companionship purposes.....So...You can have a wild animal that is "Tame" but you can not possess a "pet" wild animal....Wouldn't tame be the same thing as a companion....thereby having it for companionship purposes. Just have to scratch my head at that regulation wording. lol

The more I think about it. Thats just asinine, I mean..I can have "Tame" wildlife, but I'm not suppose to be its companion....wth North Carolina. lmao

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