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California troubles

Exotic legal issues, bans, laws, regulations, Animal Rights discussions etc.

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California troubles

Postby KKM » Mon Dec 19, 2016 2:35 am

I grew up in San Diego and didn't think I'd ever go back. In my current state, laws on exotics are extremely loose (practically nonexistent). As some of you may know, I had plans to buy a mink kit in the spring. I have the base of my enclosure set up and was ecstatic, as I always wanted a mink and was finally able to legally have one. However, school circumstances have caused me to need to move back to my hometown, which puts a damper on my plan. As far as I'm aware, it takes an arm and a leg to get an exotics permit in California. People bring back illegal animals (mostly ferrets, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, etc) from Las Vegas all the time and they are never really regulated. Ferrets are kept quite publicly. :roll:

I DO NOT wish to do this, as I feel that following the laws is what will prevent newer, stricter ones from being enacted. Moreover, I think having an experienced vet should is a huge priority, which is very difficult to find if your animal is illegal.

That being said, I'm pretty devastated. It looks like I'll be back here for at least a couple of years while I finish classes, which basically means no mink unless I can obtain some sort of permit, which is going to be impossible seeing as there are no captive my owned mink in my area I can work with to get my required 2 years of experience. Thankfully, all of my current pets are legal and will be able to stay with me.

Is there a chance of these laws ever being loosened? Gerbils, ferrets, and hedgehogs are all very common and haven't caused any environmental issues (I don't think these domestic species even can survive in the wild, let alone harm native wildlife). Dwarf hamsters were legalized twenty years or so ago after being illegal prior to then, so I do feel there's hope for the more common domestic species. Thoughts?
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Re: California troubles

Postby Vata Raven » Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:17 am

There was a thread on here that linked to this meeting about people trying to get CA to allow ferrets into the pet trade. I couldn't find the thread, but I did do a search to find the information.

http://abc7.com/politics/man-leads-peti ... ia/941336/
http://www.earthisland.org/journal/inde ... s_ferrets/

They are trying, they really are. If you plan to be in CA for a few years, you could help with the movement.
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Re: California troubles

Postby TamanduaGirl » Mon Dec 19, 2016 3:06 pm

They've been trying for at least the past 25yrs to get ferrets legalized so don't expect anything like mink to become legal. But it does look like progress is finally being made on ferrets.

Ferrets ARE confiscated and killed all the time actually. Just because some get over looked because officers don't know the law or care doesn't mean they all do. The one case I often cite to get the point across where first responders were called for an emergency and the ferrets seen and confiscated was in fact in California. It's been awhile since I looked but there is/was only the one rescue licensed to deal with them and move them to homes out of the state and so most confiscated are killed. It actually happens quite regularly but doesn't make the news so people think everyone gets away with it because they or someone they know do but it's not true.

It's really best to wait to get an exotic till all of your school is done and a job after for reasons like this. Sometimes people find the best hope of a job in their field winds up being in an illegal state.

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