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What is needed to start a small at home animal rescue?

Exotic legal issues, bans, laws, regulations, Animal Rights discussions etc.

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What is needed to start a small at home animal rescue?

Postby CatCraven » Wed Oct 25, 2017 9:35 pm

Hello everyone!
I sure hope this is in the right board! But I thought this was the best suited one.

My name is Kellie, and I'm currently 16 years old and very passionate about animals. I've had expierence with animals of all kinds including exotics (only small "exotics" like chinchillas, sugar gliders, and ferrets). I grew up reading big biology books and exotic animal books of all kinds and I've been fancinated ever since. I've worked as a kennel tech at an animal clinic as well.
But my dream is to have my own little at home exotic animal rescue like foxes, wolves, lynxes, and other things like that. Rescuing animals from fur farms, or abusive situations. But my concern is (since I'm really naive when it comes to legal stuff or on even where to start researching this kind of thing) that legally. Because I am aware certain exotic species is not permitted in certain states/provinces. But I was wondering if I need to accquire a license for me to start my animal sanctuary, and if so would it allow species of any sort to be in my care no madder what state I'm in?
Because I would love to move up north like Alaska and live out in the forests!

I hope this all makes since and I hope I'm not being too taxing. Thank you for reading! <3
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Re: What is needed to start a small at home animal rescue?

Postby Juska » Wed Nov 01, 2017 8:18 am

You don't really "rescue" fur farm animals, unless you're an animal rights group doing it illegally. Just FYI on that; you don't want the FBI to come and raid your sanctuary. And, you're probably not going to be rescuing a lot of large carnivorous animals, though irresponsible fox owners are increasing in number so you might encounter some pet surrenders there, depending on what state you decide to open your sanctuary in.

You can start your research by looking up your state, county and city laws on exotics, where you plan on starting your sanctuary. You will have to learn legal jargon and how to read legal documents. You will have to apply for permits/licenses I'm sure. Find out where other sanctuaries are located and what vets will treat exotics. Networking is important. Building connections and friendships is important. You won't get funding for your sanctuary all alone.

Opening, running and maintaining a sanctuary and the animals in it costs a lot of money. Not just something you can do on the side by yourself at your house. You will probably need volunteers/employees and a business partner or two.

Have you looked into maybe helping out at a sanctuary instead of trying to start one yourself? It's a lot less stress, time and money on your part.
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