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Fennec Fox breeders/dealers in New York?

Information on Breeders, brokers, and other dealers

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Fennec Fox breeders/dealers in New York?

Postby KatzRKewl » Sun Feb 21, 2016 12:31 am

I am searching for Fennec Fox breeders/dealers in New York. I am thinking of getting one within the next few months. Thanks in advanced.
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Re: Fennec Fox breeders/dealers in New York?

Postby Ash » Tue Feb 23, 2016 6:29 pm

Hi, and welcome to the forum! :)

Here's a disclaimer I feel obligated to add, since you just barely joined, lol, and we don't know ya:

*Before adopting any animal (especially an exotic), always make sure you have done your research and you understand exactly what you're getting into. Fennec foxes can be great pets, but they are also delicate, complicated little pets. Please be sure to visit the fox forum where there is a fennec diet posted by TamanduaGirl. They need to eat a lot of bugs, and most people cannot provide that for them.

Also be sure you have studied the legalities in your area. A fennec, for example, is not legal in New York City.

Be sure that the person selling you your fennec is USDA licensed. If they are not, it is blackmarket exotic animal trade. You can check the APHIS database to determine if they are USDA or not. If they are not, stay FAR away. https://acissearch.aphis.usda.gov/LPASearch/faces/Warning.jspx*

There, got that out of the way. :P

Nick has fennecs up in NY from time-to-time. He brokers them, I believe--not sure if he actually breeds them or not. But it may still be worth a shot to contact him. He's a member of the board, but he hasn't been online for years. http://www.animaladventuresparties.com/

Please start some topics in the fox forum so we can follow your adventure. :) Like if you start getting an enclosure, or if you have questions, or--when you finally get your little one. We always love pictures of kits, and there haven't been many owners posting pictures of their fennecs. Would love it if you could start posting a bunch so we can all oogle over your baby.

Anyway, good luck. Hope you stick around!
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