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Marble or silver fox breeder in eastern US?

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Marble or silver fox breeder in eastern US?

Postby EmiTheNinja » Wed Jul 05, 2017 7:02 pm

Im looking for a breeder of a marble or silver morph red fox.
I am located in VA but am fine driving as far as 12 hours to pick up a kit :3
i just want to make sure i find a reliable breeder who can provide me with paperwork and health certificate to make sure the baby is healthy~
does not need to be soon as we still need to get permit approved and build outside enclosure but i'm trying to do my research now and find someone good~
any info helps!
I have worked with foxes before so i have basic knowledge and understanding of them but as i would be a first time owner any tips are also appreciated.
i also have worked and do work with several exotic veterinarians as a vet assistant so healthcare is no issue here =]


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