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Wall of Shame

Information on Breeders, brokers, and other dealers

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Wall of Shame

Postby ShyVulpine » Sun Feb 08, 2009 10:07 pm

Animal Owners/Abusers/Scammers Wall of Shame

I didn't know where to put this topic, but isn't decieving people about who you really are technically a scam?

This is the emergency board for known offenders of animal-related topics. You have the right to know who you're buying pets from(or being scammed of pets from) and of who you'd possibly putting in charge of your animals; house or pet sitters.

Found this an hour ago...

Pets : tarantulas (6), Chinese water dragon, border collie/mix and a miniature doberman, 3 blue-and-gold macaws and a ringneck parakeet.
Future Goal : Collecting more tarantulas.


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