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Male or female prairie dog pros and cons?

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Male or female prairie dog pros and cons?

Postby Gryffindor » Sat Apr 30, 2016 3:07 am

I really want to get a baby prairie dog in the next month or two, fingers crossed...

I'm trying to decide whether I should get a male or female. I've always planned on getting a male but I wanted to make sure that would be the best choice.

I figured a male would be best because neutering is an easier, safer operation than a spay is so I wouldn't worry so much. But I do plan on getting another prairie next spring and introducing them to each other. Would this be easier or more difficult with males?

Any other pros and cons for either sex?
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Re: Male or female prairie dog pros and cons?

Postby GitaBooks » Sat Apr 30, 2016 3:58 am

Those are some good questions to ask. I hope I can help answer some of them.

Prairie Dogs are very affectionate and sweet, but they can also be territorial and bite strangers that get near them or their cage. Even if neutered/spayed they can be aggressive towards anyone except their favorite human(s). Of the two, males tend to be more prone to territorial and aggressive behavior then females, as it is their job in the wild to protect their coterie.

Because they are seasonal breeders they have a sort of "rut" around October that can last all the way to March. During this time they are irritable and males become more aggressive and females may begin to build nests. They should be fixed the fall of their first year so they do not begin any aggressive behavior that may last even after the breeding season is over.

Other then this I'm not sure that there are any other reasons why a male would be better or worse then a female. In other species males tend to be more prone to smelling but also often are more cuddly while females of many species of rodents tend to be more out-going and less likely to sit-still. Reproductive related health problems shouldn't be an issue if they are neutered/spayed properly and before their first rut.

Prairie Dogs love others of their own kind. They need the constant companionship throughout the day and night and someone to play with, groom, and snuggle with. Two or more Prairie Dogs together are more fun to watch also, and they will still be very friendly and affectionate towards their owners too.
Prairie Dogs raised together or introduced before 10 weeks of age tend to be more likely to get along, however, older prairie dogs can be introduced (according to what I hear) using methods similar to introducing gerbils or rats to one another. Over time, on neutral ground, mixing smells, ect.

I hope this helps. Best of luck! : )

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