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Petbrosia - Review

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Petbrosia - Review

Postby Ana » Sat Jan 03, 2015 2:52 am


I have a 'problem' cat. Well, more honestly, a problem cat has me. I've been at the whim
of my beautiful girl, Stasi, since she was 5 weeks old. We've been together every day since
then, and over the course of the last 7 years, she has developed a long, sordid history at
the clinician. At one of our many visits, after yet another battery of tests, the long-suffering
vet looked at me down her glasses and declared dryly that believed she had discovered the
cause of Stasi's myriad 'ailments': "I'm going to diagnose these issues as behavioral". :lol: In
addition to her many foibles and neurosis, finding a kibble she enjoys that doesn't distress her
delicate digestive system has been a hair-raising experience. We've switched brands at least
a dozen times, and have never been able to find a dry option that she and I could agree on.
She loved some of the tawdry store brands, (hello, Meow Mix) but the litter pan and I
disagreed with her. She would turn her nose up at many of the specialty foods, leaving me
exasperated and without much hope of finding a compromise - until now.

Recently, I received a work-related email that included an advertising blurb for a new cat food,
Petbrosia. The offer seemed simple enough, 5lbs of kibble for free to try it out, 5$ to ship. After
some questions about Stasi, (her age, weight and activity level), I placed the order with little hope.
I figured that when she turned her nose up, I could toss it into the woods for the wild coons. :shrug:
2 days later, the box arrived in the mail, I'm happy to report that it has been a resounding success!

After three weeks on the Petbrosia, Stasi's coat and eyes improved. She's been dealing with a bout
of bronchitis this winter (every winter, really). This year she recovered more quickly, and has been
altogether 'drier' that she has been during any other winter. I no longer hear her breathing, ever, which
leads me to suspect an allergen in the previous kibble (Taste of the Wild). The next step was to figure
out how to transition Corso, and what sort of nonsense that might entail.

As many of you with multiple animals know, trying to feed separate foods in separate quantities can
be harrowing, and with a raccoon, it's multiplied by three. :lol: I wrote a brief email to Petbrosia, and
was surprised to receive a personal reply just a few hours later. Because Corso was recommended a high
quality dog kibble by his doctor, he is free to eat Stasi's food also. It seems the ingredients are so similar
as to make virtually no difference. The dream has been achieved! One type of food! No more hiding dishes,
going higher and higher up the cupboards and atop appliances in the hopes of Corso not discovering the
cat kibbles! Corso has transitioned perfectly to the kibble. He still has vegetables and seafood several
times a week, but his appetite is great, his coat is sleek, and the litter pans haven't held a single abnormal

Petbrosia is a relatively new company, created by a veterinarian and her husband in the hopes of
perfecting a nutritious, palatable option for their two shelter dogs. The brand comes from a refreshing
approach - "keep it simple". Using ONLY American ingredients was a big deal for me. The more I learn
about the 'pet' food handling and processes in certain countries, particularly China, the less willing I am
to serve anything that is coming from outside the US. All Petbrosia kibbles are based in ethically raised
chicken, using a process specifically designed to ensure the meal is low in ash. Whether you choose
the chicken or the salmon, it's obvious that thought and care has gone into every ingredient. Having
tried both personally, I can say there are definitive notes of meat and beans. :lol: It's certainly not
going to be my lunch choice anytime soon, but Stasi is sold.

Overall, I'm absolutely satisfied with the kibble, the customer service, and the company as a whole.
It probably sounds like they are compensating me in some way, but I've written this of my own
volition, simply because I know how long I struggled to find a kibble that met all our peculiar needs, and
it's finally happened! The only possible con is the price of the kibble, though even that is in line with
consumption. It's worth mentioning that the kids are consuming less food on the Petbrosia, presumably
because all their nutritional needs are being met without the wasteful fillers.

If you're interested in trying out Petbrosia, head over to http://petbrosia.com/begin-here/ for
more information!

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