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Has anyone ever heard of a Maned Wolf?

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Laughing Hyena
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Has anyone ever heard of a Maned Wolf?

Postby Laughing Hyena » Sun Jun 09, 2013 12:36 pm

Alot of people call these canines Foxes on stilts as a joke. Does anyone here own them? Or worked with them?
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Re: Has anyone ever heard of a Maned Wolf?

Postby RabbleFox » Sun Jun 09, 2013 2:22 pm

Maned Wolves are really cool but they are endangered so unlikely that anyone owns them. You are more likely to see then at a zoo. Apparently the smell pretty bad though. XD
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Re: Has anyone ever heard of a Maned Wolf?

Postby Splashstorm » Tue Jun 11, 2013 8:07 pm

They're so very pretty :3
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Re: Has anyone ever heard of a Maned Wolf?

Postby caninesrock » Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:31 pm

We have them at the Houston Zoo here. And yes, the smell is very skunk-like when you pass by their enclosure. The sign with the information on them in front of their enclosure even has a section about it called "What's that smell?" They are beautiful animals though. They look like a cross between a red fox and wolf,but they aren't closely related to either, other than the fact that all 3 are in the canine family. They seem to be very elusive. Alot of times they are hiding in the bushes or way in the back of the enclosure. I must have been to the zoo atleast 20 times and go to their enclosure every time, yet only ever 1 in 5 of those trips, have they actually been somewhere where I could easily see them without searching around the enclosure closely and I've still never managed to get a decent picture of them,even though I've been able to get a good of picture of every other canid I've seen at a zoo.
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Re: Has anyone ever heard of a Maned Wolf?

Postby TamanduaGirl » Wed Aug 28, 2013 2:38 am

Funny the one time I went they were pacing along the edge of the enclosure and I got a good pic. I don't think I still have it though.

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