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For a list of state regulations. Always contact your state department to verify legality! We do not make claims to this list being accurate though we strive for it to be. Changes in laws happen more frequently than we can keep up with and your regulators may interpret the law differently than we did.

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Summary of Law: No person may possess or breed a potentially dangerous animal after July, 2007. A potentially dangerous animal includes but not limited to Large cats, wolves, bears, hyenas, all non-human primates, elephants, rhinoceroses, Reptiles on this list are cobras, kraits, mambas, Australian tigere snakes, coral snakes, sea snakes, water monitors, crocodile monitors, rattlesnakes, boomslang snake, bushmasters, cottonmouth snakes, puff addders, gaboon vipers, crocodiles, caimans, alligators and gavials. Also included on this list are members of the atractaspidae family.
Citation: WASH. REV. CODE §___ (will be placed in TITLE 16)

Foxes(all species) and some other animals are banned for possession and import under the health code but USDA exhibitors are allowed.

http://apps.leg.wa.gov/wac/default.aspx ... 46-100-197" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

(a) All persons are prohibited from acquiring, selling, bartering, exchanging, giving, purchasing, distributing, or trapping to retain any bat, skunk, fox, raccoon, or coyote, except a zoological park, animal exhibitor, or research facility.

(b) All persons are prohibited from importing into the state any bat, skunk, fox, raccoon, or coyote, except a zoological park, animal exhibitor, or research facility under an entry permit issued by the director of the department of agriculture in consultation with the secretary of the department.

Clark County: Need wild animal license includes inspections. Must have before animal

Skamania County: No exotic/wild animal regulations found http://www.codepublishing.com/WA/SkamaniaCounty/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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