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For a list of state regulations. Always contact your state department to verify legality! We do not make claims to this list being accurate though we strive for it to be. Changes in laws happen more frequently than we can keep up with and your regulators may interpret the law differently than we did.

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Postby TamanduaGirl » Mon Feb 20, 2012 8:49 am

This is the official rule on wild and exotics in mississippi
https://www.animallaw.info/statute/ms-e ... ld-animals

Summary of Law: It is unlawful for a person to import or possess any wild animal classified inherently dangerous by law or regulation unless that person holds a permit or is exempted from holding a permit. Inherently dangerous animals include, but are"
(a) Order Primates: Family Pongidae (includes gibbons, orangutans, chimpanzees, siamangs, and gorillas) - all species; Family Cercopithecidae:Genus Macaca (macaques) - all species; Genus Papio (mandrills, drills, and baboons) - all species; Genus Theropithecus (gelada baboon);
(b) Order Carnivora:
Family Canidae: Genus Canis (wolves, jackals, and dingos; all species, including crosses between wolves and domestic animals); excluding coyote(Canis latrans); Chrysocyon brachyurus (maned wolf); Cuon alpinus (red dog or dhole); Lycaon pictus (African hunting dog);
Family Ursidae (bears) - all species;
Family Mustelidae - Gulo gulo (wolverine);
Family Hyaenidae (hyenas) - all species;
Family Felidae: Genus Leo or Panthera or Neofelis (lions, tigers, jaguars, and leopards) - all species; Acinonyx jubatus (cheetah); Felis concolor (cougar) - all subspecies;
(c) Order Proboscidea: Family Elephantidae (elephants) - all species;
(d) Order Perissodactyla: Family Rhinocerotidae (rhinoceroses) all pecies;
(e) Order Artiodactyla: Family Hippopotamidae: Hippopotamus amphibius (hippopotamus);) Family Bovidae: Syncerus caffer (African buffalo).

However, there are no state requirements for private possession of small non-domesticated felines such as ocelots, servals, etc.

MISS. CODE ANN. §49-8-5 and §49-8-7

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