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For a list of state regulations. Always contact your state department to verify legality! We do not make claims to this list being accurate though we strive for it to be. Changes in laws happen more frequently than we can keep up with and your regulators may interpret the law differently than we did.

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Postby TamanduaGirl » Mon Feb 20, 2012 8:57 am

Sec. 17. 12 MRSA §7504, sub-§3 deals with the possession, breeding and raising and transferring of dangerous animals with the exception of research facilities, federally licensed exhibitors, any person who has been issued a license from the Department of Natural Resources, a nonprofit organization managed animal sanctuary, an animal control officer, a veterinarian or a person who is a non-resident of Maryland who is to be in the state or 10 or less.

Maryland Code Annoted, Criminal Law § 10-621 prohibits the importation, selling, trading, bartering, possessing, breeding or trading of bears, raccoons, skunks and foxes. Also included are crocodiles, alligators, caiman, any of the cat family other than domesticated cats and any hybrid cat family member that weighs more than 30 pounds, dog family members other than domestic dogs, hybrid dog family members, non-humman primates and poisonous snakes.

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