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For a list of state regulations. Always contact your state department to verify legality! We do not make claims to this list being accurate though we strive for it to be. Changes in laws happen more frequently than we can keep up with and your regulators may interpret the law differently than we did.

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Postby TamanduaGirl » Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:37 am

Summary of Law: It is unlawful for persons to possess wild animals unless the animal was in possession prior to January 1992. Wild animals include, but are not limited to the following orders: Primates; Marsupialia; Insectivora (shrews); Chiroptera (bats); Carnivora (non-domestic dog and cats); Proboscidea (elephants); Perissodactyla (zebras, horses, rhinos); Reptilia (crocodiles, cobras, coral snakes, pit vipers, snapping turtles, alligators); etc. Most everything even gerbils and ferrets

Citation: CAL. CODE REGS. Tit. 14, §671 and §671.1 ... crs671.htm" onclick=";return false;

Permits require 2 years experience with the species and they can not be pets, other restrictions apply. ... ed-species" onclick=";return false; ... ues_4.html" onclick=";return false;

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