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For a list of state regulations. Always contact your state department to verify legality! We do not make claims to this list being accurate though we strive for it to be. Changes in laws happen more frequently than we can keep up with and your regulators may interpret the law differently than we did.

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Postby TamanduaGirl » Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:44 am

They have a list of exotic animals that can be possessed it is very short but reptiles are allowed. Residents can petition to get a species classified.

The list of things you can have includes: This list of species includes dogs, cats, sheep, goats, cattle and horses, chimpanzees, oxen, guinea pigs, camels, llamas, reindeer, alpaca, mules and asses, swine and ferrets, white rats, European rabbits, mice, gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, hedgehogs, pigeons, chickens, turkeys, pheasant, guineas, canaries and cavies, plus certain birds and most reptiles.

Summary of Law: No person may possess, import, release, export, or assist in importing, releasing, or exporting, live game animals as "pets." Live game animals are defined as any species of bird, reptile, and mammal, including a feral domestic animal, found or introduced in the state, except domestic birds and mammals. The Department interprets live game to include all animals, including exotics, such as wild felines, wolves, bears, monkeys, etc., not listed as domestic under Alaska Admin. Code tit. 5. §92.029.

Citation: ALASKA ADMIN. CODE tit. 5. §92.029; ALASKA STAT. §16.05.940

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