A severe dog bite injury

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A severe dog bite injury

Postby the_unstable » Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:09 pm

Hello everyone,

It's been a long time since I've been on here, but it's a time of concern. I know there is a lot of knowledge and support on this board hence why I have come.

It's been eating at me - my pomeranian, Mocha, got bitten by something relatively large (a bigger dog, we presume), and I don't know if it was my dogs or someone else's or a wild animal (coyote). It was Friday April 7th, or Saturday the 8th, early morning hours. I let him out sometime during that night with the other dogs, but I"m not sure which of my dogs went with him. He had been escaping the yard sometimes recently, and I didn't fix it right away what with having been busy working a lot and honestly being lazy. It's now a massive regret. During the night, I let him back in at some point. Never heard anything, no idea how much time passed.

Come morning, around 9 or 10 AM, I wake and he's looking scared, I call him over and he winces and cries severely in pain from a light petting. I rushed him to the vet. They shaved him, found bite wounds. Two big slices from canine teeth with punctures on the right side, and then punctures along the spine area. He had x-rays, exploratory, stitches, etc. Fractured rib fragments, but otherwise relatively ok. Vet put staples in and kept him a few days, gave Amoxi and Carprofen. I think it was the day I picked him up, he took the staples out already and I didn't understand why, cuz they were only in a few days. He did say he wanted it to drain.

So it was ok for a while, despite everything, he was very active and happy and eating. and then one night he was licking at them a lot, and they looked gooey and raw and before the tissue was blackened and dry, dying I guess, so I took him in again I think it was just last Saturday and this time he stitched him up.

Well, then Sunday night (obviously yesterday now...things really blur together) he was fine but then I started hearing weird noises and realized it was coming from his stitched wounds on his side. Air was coming out. Loud enough that I could hear it from a few feet away, and he was noticing and it turning to look at it but otherwise was normal acting. I rushed to ER. They said it would be 1500 to just test to see what was wrong, then thousands more to treat. They said one option would be to get pain and stronger antibioitics (They criticized vet's decision to give amoxicillin for this serious of an injury to prevent infection) for less than 200 so unfortunately I had to do that. They had him in an oxygen tank, gave me some opiate oral medication for pain and a stronger antibiotic as mentioned. I called the vet and they faxed the information and prepared to take him this morning.

He was actually worse after coming back from the ER, but it may be because of the meds being sedating, he just seemed sadder. The vet took care of him today and we talked on the phone. He said the lung had dying tissue and a hole the size of a quarter developed. He stitched it up, but said it's like stitching jello and it likely won't hold well. The wounds on his side are now stitched tight to keep air communication down, but he is concerned that it cannot drain now and that infection may brew. He has said many times how lucky Mocha is, that he should have been panting heavily and breathing badly, but he was breathing really well when I went to visit this evening. He is staying at the vet a few more days to be monitored while this is going on. His mood was better, he is eating and drinking still (didn't really stop throughout all of this whole ordeal the past couple weeks), he walked out on the leash and sat with me a while.

It's hard knowing I can't really afford to just take him to the fancy clinics with their board certified surgeons. The vet is keeping an eye on it and says we will progress to that step if we need to. He says "we're not there yet".

I feel a lot of guilt over it. Because I didn't fix the fence. Because I let him out with my other dogs, one of which is a 2ish year old female spayed husky from the animal shelter that I've only had like a month. And a "pitbull" of some form that I've had since he was a pup and is now like 9 months and has some dog aggression.

I just keep wondering - is there some way I can get a good idea of what happened to him? I've asked a lot of people, and they tell me not to blame myself. He is nervous of the bigger dogs when they come in from the yard, but I'm not sure exactly what that means. It is a new fear since the injury. At first, when any of them came up to him, he'd snarl and snap at them (and the vet raves that he is absolutely the sweetest dog who doesn't even snap when he was doing things to him that he needed to do that are painful to most dogs, who will generally snap even when normally even tempered). That has kind of stopped, except for with Naya the husky. But she has this weird personality, super inquisitive and goofy. She gets in his face more than the others and tries to get everyone to play. I have never seen dog aggression with her, but she has an intense prey drive for small prey species. Like nothing I've ever seen in a dog. She does fine with my cats, even though the shelter said they thought she wouldn't. And I have tiny tiny chihuahuas and she is great with them too. I just...I don't see the dog aggression. But I see the urge to kill small things that aren't dogs.

And then my pit attacked my pigs really badly and I ended up having to part with them to a friend who had a farm. So I wonder - would he do it? They're my best guesses as to who would do this. But he and Mocha were friends and played together and he never acted aggressive toward Mocha that I'd seen (neither had Naya). He has some dogs he doesn't like and then others he doesn't care about at all or whatever. His dog aggression seems very territorial toward specific dogs.

I'm sorry, this is so much longer than expected. I just don't know what to do and I am desperate for some insight for all of this from you guys. On any of it, the medical part, financing vet procedures, dog behaviors...everything. I have stopped letting my small dogs out with my big dogs in the yard and plan to give the small dogs their own fenced area. I fixed the spot I think Mocha escaped from.

I just hate looking into his sad eyes and thinking that I chose to have and keep an animal that may have hurt him so badly, that may still cost him his life. I don't know who or what did it. I know there is a pit that runs loose in the neighborhood that has attacked other people's dogs in the past. So I don't know...I checked all of them for blood and didn't find any on them after the incident but that doesn't mean a lot.

Thoughts? Please and thank you.
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Re: A severe dog bite injury

Postby TamanduaGirl » Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:27 pm

Really could be any of them. No way to know. A larger dog that doesn't seem dog aggressive can easily wind up biting a small dog due to prey drive and the small dog being small and fast. A little tiff and easily wind up being a serious injury as well due to the size difference or since there was a way out could be anyone else as well.

All you can do is like you are take precautions so it doesn't happen again.

I don't have any medical advice for a punctured lung.
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Re: A severe dog bite injury

Postby pat » Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:53 am


been wondering how you have been. glad to see you post again. hope you check in more often.

I am so very sorry to hear about your little dog icon-sad
My personal opinion, I don't trust pits with smaller dogs. If your dogs stayed together after they escaped, it could of been a wild animal,
however, with larger dogs being with your small dog, the chances are less that it was a wild animal.

I have heard too many horror stories of pits hurting or killing a smaller dog. icon-sad Even larger dogs were bit.
I personally don't think it is a good idea to keep a small dog with a pit. some pits can turn in a second.
as you know, their jaws lock, which could cause more damage icon-sad

A friend of mine has 3 pit bulls. but, that is all he has, he keeps them in his house when he is not home, and lets them outside under supervision.

the last thing you need is for your pit to hurt or kill a neighbors dog. many sue the owner.

how many stitches did your little dog have? usually with bites, they don't do stitches. Maybe the glue works better if at all :shrug:
Were they stiches or staples? long time ago, my beagle cut herself outside on something, don't know what. but, she ripped her chest open.
it was horrible. the vet stapled it.

I agree with mary, you should keep your little dog in a separate area. Keep her away from the pit, especially if you are not home, or can't supervise.
best to be safe than sorry.

I can relate to holes in the fence. my dogs got out a couple times :roll: dogs are good for finding holes.
(guess the grass is always greener on the other side :roll: )

I try and check my fence often, but, even at that, sometimes my dogs can find a hole, or weak spot.
I am now installing electric fence in conjunction with fence. we got some up yesterday.

Last year, my coonhound and aussie dog got out, and were gone for a week. :roll:
the last thing you need is for your pit to hurt or kill a neighbors dog.

back on the electric fence. they also have battery operated electric fence. this way, you don't 'have to worry about connecting it to
an electric outlet. you just need to replace the battery. they sell batteries for it, you can also use a car battery.
the batteries last about 6 months. however, with a car battery, you can charge it.
if you have an electric outlet, that would be the better way to go.

I am hoping your little dog makes a full recovery. I feel so bad for him and you.
please keep us updated on his condition.

a question: did the vet give you any idea of what type of animal bit your little dog? not sure if they can tell by the bite.

another thing, coyotes will kill little dogs. the hard part for you is not knowing for sure who bit your dog icon-sad

again, I am so very sorry to hear about your little dog, I am sure it is a heartache for you to see your little dog in this condition icon-sad
I am hoping for a full recovery for your dog.
Pat (Sybil and Benny's Mom)

http://sybilsden.com Sybils Den
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Re: A severe dog bite injury

Postby TamanduaGirl » Mon Apr 24, 2017 3:03 pm

One thing is coyotes normally go for the throat though a predator is going to bite whatever it can. When my cat was killed by a coyote it grabbed her by the neck, no wounds anywhere else but we had no transportation at the time, lived in the woods, and only one neighbor answered the door and wouldn't take us, so her throat swelled shut.

When My dogs have been attacked by big dogs they have grabbed then from over their backs.

So that raises the odds some that it was a dog.

My neighbors pit even killed their own cat once. Had been okay with it and then attacked it and broke it's neck. Quick movements by smaller things even small dogs can easily set off prey drive or a small tiff turn bad due to size difference.

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