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it's all gone a bit pete tong :(

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autumn blitz
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it's all gone a bit pete tong :(

Postby autumn blitz » Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:18 am

i was out walking jake and flurry yesterday and i saw a lady that i'd not seen for a fairly long time (she's a hyper active 70yrs old) thought she'd passed on tbh :( and she explained that her heinz 57 terrier mix has passed on and that she didn't know what was what anymore and stuff :(

so with jake not enjoying having flurry around i let flurry go to caroline but cos of where caroline lives me and jake will get to see flurry more or less everyday :) wasn't intending on doing anything other than keeping hold of flurry but i've known caroline for around 15years.

so the puppy challenge has been postponed until a later date when i can find a suitable new recruit :(

roll on the january sheepdog auctions - maybe i'll find what i'm looking for :)

no point blaming the dog cos you tukd up ;)

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