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Considering Dog/Are dogs supposed to be... THIS easy??

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Re: Considering Dog/Are dogs supposed to be... THIS easy??

Postby Ash » Thu Apr 02, 2015 10:50 pm

^^^I think that's pretty much how it goes for most animals, lol. You start off with the stereotype: species, breed, etc--and get a basic idea of what to expect. Then you actually get the animal and you see where it deviates from what is the "norm."

As for the pekingese, I'm pretty bummed about that--like really bummed, lol. I was SO excited because we were planning the road trip and everything. I think posting videos on petfinder also make the animal look more appealing and "perfect" because you can actually see it moving and interacting, when in all honesty, most dogs would seem to be the "perfect" fit in person too.

After Scarborough Fair passing away, my sister is leaning toward getting an adult animal (8-ish years) as opposed to a senior animal. It was very hard on me to watch Scarborough Fair waste away and suffer, and I think she's worried I'd be the same way with her dog. I wouldn't be--if you go into adopting a senior KNOWING this animal isn't going to be around for much longer, it's more a matter of, "Well, let's decide when to put her down." With the snake, it was a lot more hard too because I wanted her body to go to research, and there were a lot more financial decisions that had to be made.

There's a shih-tzu mix here in Utah that we like. But my sister is really bummed about the pekingese. It's a shame she doesn't like yorkies or cresteds, lol. I personally want something that's large enough to interact with the foxes safely--so like a big lhasa apso/shih tzu around 20-ish pounds. So just a "bigger boned" toy breed that doesn't shed.

My younger sister who lives out in Utah but doesn't live with us stays at our place half the time. I really think she would benefit if we got a dog. It would be a really good comfort animal for her whenever she came over. But the choice is ultimately up to my older sister, of course, so I completely respect her decisions since it will be HER money.
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