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Hydrogen Peroxide+Puppy=blegch!

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Hydrogen Peroxide+Puppy=blegch!

Postby FoxyLoxy » Sun Jun 07, 2009 5:30 am

About two weeks ago or so, I was sleeping in but was rudely awoken whn I heard my older brother and sister shouting "DROP IT!" at my puppy Melody :? . I slipped out of bed to see what the fuss was about, ready to reach my hands into Melly's mouth in case she'd gotten hold of something important. "What's she got?"
"We think she might have swallowed a battery," they said.
I was a little stunned- I mean, she's eaten toy fluff, drowned rats, cat vomit, and who knows what else, but batteries? I silently cursed my siblings for leaving their electronic doo-dahs lying around.
"How long ago?"
"Just a few minutes, I think," said my brother.
Fortunately, I recalled from "Puppy Kindergarten" that hydrogen peroxide, a disenfecting fluid, could force a dog to vomit- my instructor learned this on accident when she was a vet's aide: she accidentally sprayed some of it into a dog's mouth instead of water when she was working on the dog's teeth :lol: . Please, don't do this unless it's a serious emergency.
I yelled at my sister to go grab it and ran into the kitchen with Melody. My brother, meanwhile, was searching the basement hoping that Melody had just dropped it while he called the local vets. Since it was Saturday, none of them were open :| . Even my mom was in on the action: she was busily calling my dad, and they were both frenzily googling info as fast as their fingers could go.
I grabbed the brown bottle and a turkey baster and coaxed Melody to come outside- she was having a grand old time with all the attention she was getting :roll: . My sister held the dog between her knees while I shoved the end of the baster as gently as I could into her mouth and gave her a good mouthful. Melody downed it with grace and trotted around the yard as usual. Oh crap, I thought, this isn't going to work, is it? I went back inside to see if anyone had found the battery in case she hadn't actually swallowed it, but we couldn't find it.
Two minutes later, my doubts were silenced: Hydrogen Peroxide does, indeed, make dogs vomit. She puked three times (and we had to keep on dragging her away from the messes so she wouldn't eat them), but there wasn't any battery. There WAS, however, a whole lot of undigested (unchewed) cheese, some gross kibble, and a toy duck's eye that she had apparently swallowed the day before. My sister and I became anxious: she had either NOT swallowed one or it hadn't come up. We went back inside, letting Melody stay out until her stomach was cleared up, intent on getting an emergency vet number.
Mom greeted us at the door, holding up a lightly chewed shiny cylinder. "Is THIS the battery you were looking for?" :lol:
Needless to say, my siblings were pretty embarassed about the situation. I'm not letting them forget this one for a long time- AND I make sure they pick up their toys. :mrgreen: Melody was and is just fine and dandy, but we're glad that we know what to do.
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