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Postby Ash » Mon Nov 14, 2016 6:15 pm

1800PetMeds.com is a wonderful website to get your pets' medicine, including dewormers that have to be bought every 6 months sometimes. My vet told me about it and said to use it whenever I ran out of my animals' dewormers. You put in your order, pay, and have it shipped to you.


They will contact your vet's clinic via phone-call to ensure that the prescription is good. In order to buy any product from 1800petmeds you need to make sure your pet has been seen by the vet in order for your purchase to be approved since the medicine is regulated.

It is cheaper than buying it directly from your vet (according to my vet) due to the markup the clinics put on it. So she suggested I go through them instead for cheaper options and less hassle. It's very convenient and easy. :)

I'd been meaning to order some dewormer for a while now since Fable and Ifrit used up their last pills in October. Now I need their November dewormer, and it was time to put in the order. My order should come within a week. I bought the 12-month packs for both of them, so I have a year supply and won't have to worry about it until next November.
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Re: 1800PetMeds

Postby pat » Mon Nov 21, 2016 8:12 am


thank you for the info. I use to use another similar for the meds. now, I just have my vet call a script into sams club.
a lot cheaper, and quicker rather waiting for shipment. however, there are meds that they might not have, so yes, I again agree with you
about ordering from 800petmeds. my vet charges 7.00 (dispensing fee) for each script I need, this is on top of the medicine :roll:
I had to get a script for Leo my aussie dog, the vet charged me about 16.00 for a couple pills. I had them call it into samsclub,
got 30 for 24.00

when I get a chance, I will check out their site, I think I did along time ago.
do you know if they have the 3 month flea and tick pills? my vet charges almost 50.00 for one.
with so many animals, that gets pretty expensive.

thank you again for posting that, I really appreciate it.
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