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I can't tell what happened?

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I can't tell what happened?

Postby BEHRtheRaccoon » Sat Aug 04, 2018 5:19 pm

Hi im glad I found this site but I'm still learning, I got Behr my pet raccoon when he was about 6 weeks old hes 4 months old now and he has the run of the house I do have a enclosure that I only use if I cannot be home but about 18-20hrs a day hes all around the house. Hes still learning as am I. Hes pretty sweet he does get a mood swing now and then but hes going to be neutered by next month. I wanted to ask if this was normal he has a very small spot on his head where his fur isnt full like it normally is. When he isnt in the enclosure he is closely supervised so if he caused it, it had to be in his enclosure, I can't figure out how it could've happened its not scratched and wasnt bleeding or anything but I'm worried he has such a pretty coat I dont want it to get ruined because I'm doing something wrong. Thank you again in advance from Christina and Behr the Raccoon.
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Re: I can't tell what happened?

Postby pat » Sat Aug 04, 2018 7:26 pm

what type of enclosure do you have? what is it made of?

only my guess, he could have rubbed his head on something to scratch it :shrug:
for now, put neosporen on it. to help heal the wound. but, wash it first if you can.

How big is his enclosure?
he could be bored :shrug: does he have enough enrichment, toys, stuffed animals?
what do you have in his enclosure? a place to hide? nap? hangout?
he could also be lonely. in nature, some or most travel in small groups

also,most raccoons like to nap high up. since I don't really know what his enclosure looks like, can you post a picture?

you can also feed him a little coconut oil (mine love it) also you can rub it on his fur.

you can try putting a little bit of snack food in small brown lunch bags and scatter them through out the pen.

is he litter trained? he should be by now. make sure you have litter pans in his enclosure also.

If I can think of more ideas, I will let you know. I am sure the other members will chime in and help also.

please keep us updated
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Re: I can't tell what happened?

Postby BEHRtheRaccoon » Sat Aug 04, 2018 8:18 pm

Its not a cut or anything I did clean it and have been putting neosporin just in case I'm thinking if he did rub it on anything it had to be the door the door is a metal its very smooth and all edges are well rounded but I took him to the vet and he couldn't determine anything medically wrong and said it wasnt cut open. But Im just going to build him a new enclosure and keep him out even more I enjoy him being with me anyway hes more of my best friend then a pet. As for toys yes I have lots of puzzle toys and he enjoys looking for my car keys which I purposely hide around the house for him. I tried to add images but it always says attachment is too large. I wanted to just show him to you guys hes my pride and joy, thank you so much for the feedback and I'm very happy that this site exists since you can't find much things of personal experiences online


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