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Postby TamanduaGirl » Wed Jul 05, 2017 5:55 pm

3.5 ounces (100ml) canned Meyenberg evaporated goats milk that has been reconstituted with filtered water
1.5ml organic or unrefined corn oil
0.5ml cold pressed flax oil
1.5 scoops (12.9g) Similac Go & Grow, Soy-Based Powder
2 level tsp (4.3g) dried egg white.
Reduced oil formula for newborn to three weeks: Decrease oil by half if stools become loose.
Tree bats four weeks and older: Mix milk with an equal amount of soft food.
Use a small food storage container with a tight-fitting lid to mix and store. To the container add 3.5 ounces of
Meyenberg goats milk that has been reconstituted with an equal amount of filtered water. Add 1.5 scoops Similac
Go & Grow Powder, 2 tsp dried egg white, 1.5ml corn oil and 0.5ml flax oil. Shake well to mix. (Makes
about 1/2 cup. Divide the above measurements by half if a smaller amount is needed.) Store in the refrigerator.
Do not freeze. Discard after 24 hours or sooner if it begins to thicken or smell spoiled. Wash container thoroughly
and rinse well before mixing new batches of formula. Store goats milk in the refrigerator and discard any
unused milk after five days or sooner if it begins to smell spoiled. Store Go & Grow Powder at room temperature
and discard any unused powder after 30 days.
Calculated Nutrient Values (As Is)
Energy 1.42 kcal/ml; Moisture 73.5%; Protein 7.3%; Fat 8.2%; Carbohydrate 9.8%; Calcium 0.20%; Phosphorus 0.15%;
Vitamin A 3,340 IU/kg; Vitamin D 430 IU/kg.
Calculated Nutrient Values (Dry Wt)
Energy 5.36 kcal/ml; Protein 27.4%; Fat 30.9%; Carbohydrate 36.8%; Calcium 0.75%; Phosphorus 0.58%; Vitamin A
12,500 IU/kg; Vitamin D 1,650 IU/kg.

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