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Training Foxes

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Training Foxes

Postby Ash » Mon Sep 26, 2016 5:52 pm

I have begun target training with Fable and Ifrit as of today. I did a 15 minute session with each of them, and it went very well.

Ifrit picked up on the target training almost immediately--like within the first 3-4 times. Fable hasn't quite gotten it yet, but he understands it, I think. Ifrit will jump all the way up to the tower, and the way back down if I put the target there. So she is pretty much already perfect after 15 minutes. She's so smart.

I retaught them both to "sit" on command. Fable is great at that one, lol. He likes sitting more than moving. :lol: Ifrit watched me reteach Fable from the catch cage, and when I let her out to begin her training for "sit," she knew exactly what to do. I'm surprised the dumby is that smart. I think her hyperness gives her more drive and excitement.

Next I will be reteaching them to jump up into my arms on command. That one will be much trickier.

Soon I'm hoping to be able to get Ifrit to mouse-pounce on command like one fox I saw on youtube. It was very cute, and it's great since it shows a natural fox behavior.
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Re: Training Foxes

Postby minervasden » Mon Sep 26, 2016 6:01 pm

Ash wrote:I retaught them both to "sit" on command. Fable is great at that one, lol. He likes sitting more than moving. :lol:

You made me smile for the first time today. Good luck with your training.
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