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Red or Gray? Any Info Is Great

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Red or Gray? Any Info Is Great

Postby IAmLincoln » Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:40 pm

This is the hardest question ive ever had to answer :wall: . So id like to start off by saying that ive struggled with this question for about a month now. it is reallyy killing me. Next, here is a little bit about me and my plan. I have a few years to before i get a fox. I want him or her to be mainly an indoor fox, an enclosure is greatly considered, but not 100 percent happening. I would like, just as much as anyone else, a fox who lets me pet them. i do know that every fox has its own personality.
What i know from basic research to distinguish the two is that Reds are about twice the size, reds can be all sorts of colors, grays cant handle extreme cold, that grays are more affectionate, most the time, and that i like how reds look more. i also know red use pee to mark and i can handle that, trust me i can.

So not any spesific question but id like every drop of information that you have saying why is should get a red or gray.
ANYTHING, thanks

Tell me ANY experiences youve had with your fox.

Thanks for reading all my typos and grammar mistakes
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Re: Red or Gray? Any Info Is Great

Postby Ash » Tue Jan 10, 2017 3:38 pm

Here's some information taken from my website regarding indoor red foxes:

"For almost all foxes, the indoors promotes aggressive behavior. Being cooped up inside makes
foxes restless, neurotic, and unhappy. They will take out their frustrations on you by biting,
sometimes even viciously enough to draw blood. Almost every person I have ever met with an
aggressive fox was keeping it indoors; the remedy to the aggressiveness was to provide it with
an outdoor enclosure. For some owners, the difference was night and day.

This is why it is important to provide the fox with its own enclosure. A fox naturally craves the
outdoors. Being outside offers great stimulation and enrichment, much more than an owner
could ever provide inside. Foxes thrive when they have constantly different sights, smells, and
sounds. Listening to birds or a car engine revving really piques the animal’s interest. A fox that
has more things to do is going to be a happy fox.

Now, any animal can be kept indoors. But that does not mean it is what is best for the animal or
for you. Keep in mind you could keep a horse in your house too, but it will not be easy to care
for, nor will it get the proper environment it needs. I liken a fox to a horse. Of course it can be
done, but why would you deprive it of the outdoors? And why would you put up with such a
mess and stink in your home? My concern is for both the animal as well as the owner. As I said,
there are very few foxes that are okay being indoors in the first place, and there are very few
humans who don’t mind their house being made into a fox den."

I can't speak from experience when it comes to grays, but I would never suggest anyone get a red fox if there is a chance they can't provide it with an enclosure for the reasons above. ;) I do know several gray owners who keep theirs indoors without problems. That being said, if you think there's a chance you'd be unable to provide an enclosure for either one, I'd suggest holding off until you could. An advantage with grays is they are smaller and therefore need less space.

Either will make a great pet. They have their own personalities and challenges--that comes with being an individual--but they take very well to being hand-raised. Foxes that typically are aggressive and unable to be pet, usually do not have their needs being met (including being cooped up indoors).
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Re: Red or Gray? Any Info Is Great

Postby TamanduaGirl » Tue Jan 10, 2017 3:48 pm

Gray for sure it's more what you want. More friendly and dog like and they work out inside more often. Though the little the owners talk of them it seems most do also have outside enclosures, they just hardly talk about that part but one keeps him inside full time, I think. Vast majority of reds are NOT happy being inside pets. Reds need their own large space to call their own and preferably outside as the extra stimulation of all the smells and sounds helps them be less aggressive. Plus they have those naturally thick coats and left to their own will happily sleep in the snow. I saw one recently that people were keeping inside and it looked like it still had it's summer coat, not nice and poofy like all the others. But the main reason is the vast majority are very unhappy inside and will get aggressive kept that way. Now and then it works out but it's rare a fox stays inside much past it's first year and doesn't have some major issues.

And you didn't mention it so, you do know red smell really really strong right, well mainly their pee does? One person was actually having trouble at work because of the scent on their clothes. Keep a red inside for long as an adult and you'll never get the smell fully out of the place. Gray's do not have this smell issue.

Edit: though as Ash said it's best if you can provide an enclosure if needed even with a gray. We don't have many owners talking about them in detail and I do remember one that was kept inside all the time having aggression issues with a family member that visited often. I think in the end he may have rehomed her. It was a long time ago. Had he moved her to an outside enclosure at the least the family member could avoid her but judging by reds she'd likely have started to be okay with her again.
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Re: Red or Gray? Any Info Is Great

Postby IAmLincoln » Tue Jan 10, 2017 5:49 pm

I thought that the idea of not having an enclosure would be frowned upon. It didnt surprise me when it did, although i still, even from before this plan and planned to make one, if possible. Which i think it is possible. Thanks this acctually really helps icon-smile

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