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Bat Eared Fox Enrichment Manual

Topics include: Tricks, litter, toys, aggression, personality, walks, etc

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Bat Eared Fox Enrichment Manual

Postby Peacefulward » Sat Sep 23, 2017 12:31 pm

An informative manual for enrichment of captive raised bat eared foxes. Also useful for aspiring pet owners.

5 Dogs, 2 cats, 2 leopard geckos, 1 guinea pig, 1 axolotl, and a coatimundi currently in my family. :)

Exotic "wishlist": red fox, arctic fox, gray fox, bat eared fox, fennec fox, mink, muntjac deer, owl (any species).
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Re: Bat Eared Fox Enrichment Manual

Postby Ash » Sat Sep 23, 2017 3:49 pm

Thank you for sharing. :D I love bat eared foxes.
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Re: Bat Eared Fox Enrichment Manual

Postby TamanduaGirl » Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:10 pm

I stickied it as it's good ideas for most any fox really and quite a few cute photos in there too. I like "Spontaneous Digging Impulse" That's a fennec thing too. Ikigai has dug a hole into his bed.
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Re: Bat Eared Fox Enrichment Manual

Postby Inari-Vulpes » Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:45 pm

thanks for sharing

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