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guide for keeping procyonids (raccoons, coatis, kinkajous)

Coatimundis, Kinkajous, Raccoons, Ringtails, Cacomistles, Olingos

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guide for keeping procyonids (raccoons, coatis, kinkajous)

Postby naja-naja » Wed Jul 16, 2014 12:26 pm

basic guide for keeping procyonids, as set out by dept. of the environment for northern ireland (the body that grants the DWA (dangerous wild animal) licences.
http://www.doeni.gov.uk/niea/procyonids ... ed.pdf.pdf
1.4 burmese pythons
0.1 indian pythons
0.1 boa constrictors
1.1 macklott's pythons
1.2 reticulated pythons
0.1 blue tegu

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