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Raccoon parents around PA

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Raccoon parents around PA

Postby zuko2121 » Wed Feb 15, 2017 2:07 pm

Hello all!
So I've posted on here before but my search radius has extended to all of PA, and the DE/MD area also. Also the scenes have changed so what's required is different than my earlier posts. My name is Garrett Hughes and I'm a film student at Drexel University. I have a short script that would require a raccoon to be featured on camera (in no way, shape, or form would the animal be put in even the smallest amount of danger). Filming would take place over a day sometime in late May-mid April, whatever dates would work for anyone who could! So if you, or a fellow raccoon parent you know, lives in PA or somewhere close and would like your raccoon to be featured in a movie please let me know!

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