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Putting the word out :) re: kinkajou

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Putting the word out :) re: kinkajou

Postby Kinkajou1987 » Fri Oct 06, 2017 10:50 pm

Hi everyone! I am looking to expand my kinky family and putting the word out. I know there aren’t many kink owners on here; however, if anyone catches wind of a kink needing a good, healthy home please let me know.

I believe it will also satisfy the social dynamic kinkajous have in the wild. Looking to best serve my babes. And most importantly HELP GIVE A SOUL OR TWO A FOREVER HOME!

Please keep you ears and eyes open and feel free to share my contact info if anything catches your attention.


Here’s the scoop :)

I am a registered nonprofit and USDA license holder. Also licensed in the state of FL. I currently have 2 kinkajous and I am looking to focus on taking in more; whether they are difficult cases or tame. I am open to any sex and situation. I have worked with many different wildlife and exotic species, mammal and reptile, and these are my absolute favorite species.

I currently have a two-year-old male and a six-year-old female. I bottle-fed the boy, but the girl I have had for the past year and a half. She is a special case herself. They reside in a 15‘ x 30‘ x 10‘ enclosure. That is just a rough estimate, it could be larger. The enclosure is in door and equipped with AC and kept at 76 degrees. The enclosure is complete with items to climb, activities, and hides. I take a special interest in enrichment and spend a lot of time with my animals. I take pride in the diets they eat. Meals are prepared daily and unique to nutritional needs and tastes.

My kinkajous are very friendly with other animals and thoroughly enjoy kinkajous! They have had many play dates with others. I would like to give one or more a home. I certainly have the space and feel that the addition would satisfy the needs of my kinkajous as well as offer comfortable, healthy forever homes to more.

I’m happy to provide any documentation or photos.
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Re: Putting the word out :) re: kinkajou

Postby Sparttan117 » Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:39 pm

We need pics. For "science" (totally not just looking for adorable pictures). /s

Also, out of curiosity, what milk formula did you use for raising the bottle fed kink?
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Re: Putting the word out :) re: kinkajou

Postby Kinkajou1987 » Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:15 pm

What’s your email?? :)

I used kitten formula mixed with baby cereal and banana baby food.
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Re: Putting the word out :) re: kinkajou

Postby Peacefulward » Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:09 am

That's great, I see kinkajous in need of rehoming quite often. I'll redirect them all to you now. :lol:
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Exotic "wishlist": red fox, arctic fox, gray fox, bat eared fox, fennec fox, mink, muntjac deer, owl (any species).
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Re: Putting the word out :) re: kinkajou

Postby Kinkajou1987 » Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:12 am

Fantastic! OMG a bat would be amazing! I’ve had red foxes - they’re a lot of work but so wonderful :) and I’ve worked with coatis too! Awesome family you have ❤️

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