could anyone post this on their Facebook, or whatever they have for media. It is for Lucy (my beagle) She is totally blind from cataracts in both eyes. She can get surgery, but, it cost $1000.00 per eye. Even if I got one eye done, it is better than nothing at all.

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Raccoon Enrichment: Anyone tried large parrot toys?

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Raccoon Enrichment: Anyone tried large parrot toys?

Postby Kagney » Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:55 am

I was browsing toys this morning and found myself checking out large parrot puzzle toys. I've considered them before, but never tried them out. I figure if they're made to withstand large parrots, the they should hold up under coon abuse, right? Anyone given them a shot?

Mainly taking about forage puzzle types that can be suspended like these:


This one brings up another thought: would it be safe to let her play with the blocks? Parrot colored blocks are usually scented, and I'm sure she'd enjoy pulling them all out, sniffing, touching, and tasting them, then hurrying them over to the water dish at least once before the toy gets filled with treats instead.

Not a hanging type, but still neat:

I like the idea of a suspended toy to add to the challenge. If she could get her hands on one of these to do with as she pleased, she'd have the treats out in a matter of seconds, but a hanging toy might extend the enrichment (read frustration, lol)
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Re: Raccoon Enrichment: Anyone tried large parrot toys?

Postby DeweysMom » Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:14 pm

I've often eyed up the parrot toys, thinking that perhaps it might interest my boyz, but then after really looking at them, I feel they aren't made hardy enough to hold up to the abuse they would get from them. Hard plastic scares me - I envision them chewing on it and then swallowing a piece and end up needing surgery to remove it. So I mostly stick with the better made dog toys for my raccoons.

Mine really enjoy the interactive activity-type toys, such as these: ... treat+toys ... 3QPSGZQ53F ... =trixieurl

Of course, all are food-reward-motivated toys, so if your raccoon is on the heavier side, best to place their meals in the toys for them to 'forage', rather than putting additional food into the puzzles, adding extra calories. Also, I never allow them to have most of these toys unsupervised, with the exception of the Bob-A-Lot, which is made really well, for the reason that I mentioned above - fear of them breaking/chewing off and ingesting pieces.

I will also sometimes fill a rubber horse feed tub with larger rocks and dump their meals in there. They have to move the rocks around to get to the food, so it's a bit more physical for them to eat than just putting a bowl in front of them. LOL And - again - it gives them that foraging activity that is more how they eat in the wild. Added bonus - the abrasive quality of the rocks helps wear their nails down a bit, too. :icon-wink:

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Re: Raccoon Enrichment: Anyone tried large parrot toys?

Postby linseylou » Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:39 pm

I should mention that Ness isn't much of a chewer
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