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Diahrea issues

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Diahrea issues

Postby DaisyDawn » Wed May 16, 2018 10:37 am

Sorry this is gonna be long. Last Friday we saved a baby raccoon. My daughters friends dad, who goes by the name “hillbilly”,shot a mama raccoon out of a tree in his woods. Well she had 4 babies, he was going to shoot them also but his daughter begged him not too so she could find a home for them. I agreed to take one. We went to pick her up last Friday, her dad said they hadn’t nursed (he assumed) since the previous Saturday when he shot their mom. We picked the most active one,I think a female. I think she’s about 5weeks old. Took her home got her warm and gave her some water with a little sugar to hydrate. Then started feeding KMR. Her first stools were black and somewhat firm, then the next day was more like soft serve and orangey. I was also really concerned about raccoon roundworm because I have 3dogs and a NR squirrel in our home. I’ve been careful to wash hands and have thrown away any rags she pooped on. I ordered pyrantel pamoate and gave her the first dose last night, .08ml cause I think she’s about 1&1/2 pounds. So this morning her poop was really watery,since then I’ve been halfing her kmr with water. I’ve been giving around 20cc’s every feeding. How should I treat her diahrea?
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Re: Diahrea issues

Postby DeweysMom » Thu May 17, 2018 4:33 pm

I’ve been halfing her kmr with water.

Not quite clear on what you wrote... Are you using less KMR and more water?? If so, I think you might try doing it the other way around, and making it LESS watery. She needs more bulk to harden up her stools, and less water.

You could try adding some plain yogurt to the milk. About a tablespoon into the milk, then shake the bottle well before serving. You also could try adding a little baby rice cereal. You can find that in the baby aisle at the grocery - comes in a box in like a granular-form. I'd suggest starting with a teaspoon or two into the milk and working your way up to more, if it seems to be helping.

How often and how much are you feeding? Every 3-4 hours is good, and whatever amount is recommended for her age. If more time than that is in between feedings, this could be part of the problem, too. More feedings, less amount at a time. It's gentler on their stomachs.

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Re: Diahrea issues

Postby DaisyDawn » Fri May 18, 2018 10:25 am

Thank you, I was doing 50/50 kmr to water but have been doing more kmr. I did get rice cereal so I was gonna start that today. Hopefully it clears up.
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Re: Diahrea issues

Postby Trefoil » Fri May 18, 2018 8:20 pm

I would give it a day or two and see if the diarrhea issues solve themselves. I would just give the kmr until she's eating well. What's her name? On a baby that age, I would have a fecal sample done before I wormed her and its more than worthwhile to have one done when she's older to make sure she doesn't have internal parasites. Meanwhile http://remocoon.mnsi.net/babies.htm (the link didn't work so you'll have to copy and paste it) is a easy and fun read with lots of information on baby coons and pet coons in general.
Be aware that a few years ago kmr changed their formula or did something that caused problems, I don't know if that got resolved or no, but if she doesn't seem to be doing well on it, try changing to esbilac ( you may need to add 1oz of heavy cream to esbilac to up the fat content) or a real raccoon formula. Before she "goes out to the public" make sure she has been vaccinated against distemper, its a killer.

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