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Getting Baby Coon

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Getting Baby Coon

Postby aliiicattt » Mon May 21, 2018 3:58 am

hello all,

one of my friends recently informed me that she has rescued a large liter of 9 kits and had asked if i wanted one. i have always wanted a raccoon and have been preparing for a situation to come where i would be able to take one in as one of my pets. i do know what i am getting myself into and have done plenty of research. my only fear is finding a vet here in minnesota that will vaccinate and fix my little coon. i’ve been reading that i need him registered and have papers in order to even take him in, i’m wondering how i can do that with one who isn’t from a breeder? i haven’t yet gotten one or told her an answer if i will take one or not but i just want to have everything straight and figured out before i take on the responsibility. also any advice and/or stories on bringing a new baby coon home is greatly appreciated! :lol:
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Re: Getting Baby Coon

Postby pat » Mon May 21, 2018 11:14 am


welcome to syibls den.

I assume the raccoon is from the wild? most states require a bill of sale to get a permit. that is going to be the hard part.
check out the legalities in your state for keeping a raccoon. viewforum.php?f=71

if you have a raccoon from the wild, it is hard to find a vet to treat him/her icon-sad I can't say it is impossible, there might be a vet that might be willing to treat a raccoon. a raccoon should be fixed though, otherwise you will have aggression during breeding season., icon-sad

Personally, I am all for you getting a raccoon. they make wonderful pets as long as the owner understands the proper care of them.
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Re: Getting Baby Coon

Postby Trefoil » Mon May 21, 2018 7:28 pm

More important that whether or not a coon is legal where you live, is what the attitude of people is where you live and if you can find a vet. If you are in a rural or farming community, its very likely that people won't have a problem with your pets as long as they aren't a nuisance. For the most part laws and regulations are made by urbanites who don't live in the same world as the rest of us. Your friend and/or other coon "owners" should be able to help you out with the legalities and their importance.
Before you get a coon, go to http://remocoon.mnsi.net/' and read about what its like to have a pet coon. Its a fun read and very helpful. Have formula on hand. Coons are an excellent pet for the right person, but not all people are a good fit. If you want a cute pet to post on facebook, get a dog - advertising your coon,legal or not, is asking for problems. I am sure you are aware that you can't cage a coon, even if neutered they won't be a pet, they will be a caged wild animal.

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