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Stranger Agression

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Stranger Agression

Postby Kinolie » Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:13 pm


I have an almost 7 month old in tact male, Rue. He has an appointment next week to get fixed. He recently has gotten very aggressive towards people coming in the house. He has always been well socialized. I have a big family that is in and out often and he has never had an issue until about three weeks ago. It seems to just be family members that he doesn't see as often, i.e. strangers... I have two sisters and a brother that are here frequently as well as nieces and nephews that he doesn't bother. I've started locking my front door so people have to knock, (that way I can put him away when someone arrives) as he seems to be most aggressive when they first come through the front door or if he is in his pen (6x4x9ft tall) in my living room where he sleeps and goes when we aren't home. Other than that, he has free reign of the house. I'm concerned about him biting someone.

I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this issue? I'm hoping it goes away once he is fixed, but I'm unsure...

Also, how much kibble should he be getting daily? We usually feed him morning and evening, I would say a small cat dish full (4health grain-free). He also gets fruits, eggs and random other things to keep his diet diverse... But I think we are overfeeding as his midsection seems to keep widening... But all he wants to do is eat!

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Re: Stranger Agression

Postby pat » Tue Oct 16, 2018 12:00 pm

raccoons should be fixed a lot sooner. the age 5-6 weeks of age. this prevents aggression. your raccoon hopefully will change later after the getting him fixed.
the longer wait for getting him fixed, the longer it takes to kick in, if at all.

this time of year is approaching the breeding season, therefore, it could cause aggression. the breeding season could start in December, but dont always stand true.

may I ask where you put your raccoon when people visit? do you have a dog? do you have an outdoor enclosure for him?
(sorry for the questions, but, we need to understand further to try and help)

on feeding him dog good, don't give him a lot of it. mine only get a little bit of dog food. along with cooked chicken, eggs, fruits, sugar free cereal. marshmellows.
they get marrow bones for snacks.

keep us updated
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Re: Stranger Agression

Postby Kinolie » Tue Oct 16, 2018 4:45 pm

Prior to the last few weeks he would stay out when anyone was here. Now, I put him in his enclosure in my living room, or I put him in my bedroom if there are several people and he gets too anxious. (He loves to roll around in my bed). I like to keep him in the living room if I can because then he can get used to other people coming in and out, but it doesn't help, he tries to nip them if they come near the sides. He has a 10x10 outdoor enclosure just to play in. But he prefers to be inside. I don't think he likes to be alone and when he is in the outdoor enclosylure, he is alone. I have two big dogs, golden retriever and Pyrenees, which he wrestles with. Neither dog is agressive. And I have three kids, 12,7 & 6 and he does fine. When it is just us home, he has free range of our two story house. Hes like to play bite, which we discourage, but he is very playful. He has a ton of toys and has marrow bones. I hate to even use the word aggression because it almost seems like anxiety it territorial behavior... But he did nip my friend and drew blood two weeks ago when she came through the front door, so now I put him away when people come over, unless it is my sister and her kids who he likes.

He has all his shots, has been wormed and I asked the vet about getting him fixed when he got his second set of shots and she said he was too young and I needed to wait until he was six months. Thats why we waited.

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