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It is for Lucy (my beagle) she has some serious health issues.

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Cutting nails

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Cutting nails

Postby Yatzee » Sun Oct 21, 2018 4:07 pm

Every time I cut Yatzee's nails it is a stressful ordeal. He screams bites and pees all over himself.
Any suggestions on how to make it less stressful? I thought about giving him benadryl just to make him sleepy but. I don't want to give him pills.
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Re: Cutting nails

Postby Ana » Sun Oct 21, 2018 6:39 pm

Honestly, no. I've surrendered, and don't try anymore, it was too traumatic. Once they're older, if they have enough rough surface climbing activities, the nails become thick and dull, so it's not so painful when they climb all over you.

Bear in mind, the raccoon hand is about three times more sensitive than ours. I think the pressure of the trimmer on the nail might be not outright painful, but terrifying.

Have you tried gently filing during quiet moments?

Wish I had a better answer. With every baby I've tried, and failed. :/
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Re: Cutting nails

Postby pat » Mon Oct 22, 2018 8:51 am

it is not easy to trim a raccoons nails. I use to awhile ago. but, had to do one at a time. (but, not at the same time) as ana mentioned, it helps if your raccoon has something to climb on. I have tree logs that mine have to climb to get to their top shelf.

I also use to trim their nails one at a time with a break in between.. but, couldn't do it all at the same time. (this was before they had tree logs to climb.

prior to that, when I took my raccoons to the vet for check up or issue. the vet would lightly sedate them. then he would trim the nails.
but, now, since they have logs to climb and other climbing things, so far, their nails seem fine.

another issue with some raccoons is their fur in the rear end. my oldest one fur in his behind would grow too long, where poop use to stick on the fur. I waited till he was napping or laying on his raised dog bed, then trim it a little at a time. I have sizzers with rounded edges so he won't get poked with the point of the scissors.

I am always looking for different ideas, so please everyone share your experience.
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Re: Cutting nails

Postby DeweysMom » Wed Oct 24, 2018 1:28 pm

Pat, I used to have the same problem with Bobby (messy butt - poop sticking to fur) and since I upped his fiber, his bum is pristine clean. See if your bub will eat banana or pumpkin (but not pumpkin pie filling, just plain pumpkin). I give Bobby about 2-3" inches of a banana every evening, and it's been working great. Plus - he loves them! You could also try some plain bran flaked cereal? I was gonna try that next if the banana or pumpkin didn't work...

If it works for yours, then no more bum trimming! :lol:

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