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I think I cured the peeing everywhere problem

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Re: I think I cured the peeing everywhere problem

Postby pat » Sun Jan 20, 2019 11:03 am

Yatzee wrote:Do you keep him inside?

Yatzee is just like a puppy. We call him PBC, Puppy Bear Coon
Poor thing. We never call our animals by their names. I wonder if Yats is confused. I try to use his name but, I find myself calling him puppy a lot.

The only time he gets cranky is when he's tired or is made to get out of bed before he's ready...and sugar. I gave him half of a cookie once. He was out of control!

When I know he's tired and I scoop him up to put him in his hammock, he does that high pitch gurgle scream. Like he's yelling at me. Then he does his breathing hard at me and if he's really cranky he'll try to bite. He's gotten me good a few times. Luckily it doesn't happen often. I've learned the warnings.

Overall, for a raccoon, he's pretty good.

I assume when you got Yatzee fixed, it was his first year? guess his coon talk is: "I am allowed to do what I want" :lol:

my preference, I don't use different names for my animals. I want them to learn what their name is, so when I call them, they will know I am calling them (not saying they always listen :lol: )

my raccoons or foxes never bit me. I correct them anytime I see them attempting to bite (that was only one of my foxes) I was able to correct him of that.
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Re: I think I cured the peeing everywhere problem

Postby Trefoil » Sun Jan 20, 2019 3:05 pm

Both of mine are inside coons, I've learned my lesson about letting them out uncaged. They are both mature, Chloe is going to be 10? this year and I think Scooter will be 6 ( not sure ). Yat is using your hooldie to masturbate, its normal behavior.
You might want to talk with your vet if the marking (peeing on hubby's stuff) continues. He can give him a hormone shot that would probably stop this behavior and probably by the time the shot wears off Yat will have gotten out of the habit and not resume it. I don't remember how old Yat is, but as they age its really important to constantly interact with them. Good luck and enjoy your baby.
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Re: I think I cured the peeing everywhere problem

Postby Yatzee » Sun Jan 20, 2019 7:03 pm

Yeah, Yatz is neutered. He was fixed at 6ish months old. My goodness, he's going to be a year old in March.
Do they become more lazy as they get older. How's Chloe act at 10? Scooter?
I don't cage him. He has my bedroom and the hallway, which is half the size of my bedroom to wonder. My bedroom is huge so, half is really a regular basic sized bedroom. When I'm not home, he just puts himself to bed. Only 2 times have I come home to my armour, armoir?)opened with a few things tossed out of it.
He has a predictable schedule so, I plan most of my outings around him.

Pat, 'light buld' ..correct the behavior when I notice it. I'm going to do that next time because now I know when he's going to be a buttface when I put him to bed.

That hormone shot, are there any bad side effects? I hate having to put Revolution on him because I don't know long term effects, hormone shot seems more 'dangerous'(for lack of a better word, I can't think of, risky maybe?)

Masturbating on my hoodie huh? Well, I love him too! LOLOLOL
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Re: I think I cured the peeing everywhere problem

Postby Trefoil » Sun Jan 20, 2019 8:21 pm

I have had it used on a stud I didn't want to breed so I could turn him out with my mares, and some sort was used for a urine leaking problem on one of my dogs (female). Different doses, different hormones used for different results. Except that they worked I didn't notice anything different, it made the horse less aggressive (towards other horses) for as long as it lasted. I didn't suggest anything specific because I don't know what they would use, just that there is something they can use, your vet would be the best one to talk with about that. I don't regularly use any flea stuff, just as needed for as long as needed, but I have no animals going outside to constantly reinfect.
As mine have aged I noticed they get less sociable and playful less often and a little grumpier. That's why I suggested that you make sure to constantly interact with him as he ages. I was in the hospital for a week and it took forever for them to get over it.

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