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Adding a second fox to the family?

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Adding a second fox to the family?

Postby mjnetzley » Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:13 am

I'm debating on getting a second fox. I found one that is a male, neutered, updated on shots who is 2 yrs old. That needs to be re-adopted. They told me he is getting along with their pets and seems very friendly. He was indoors so they assume he is litter trained. He was picked up in the picture with a harness on. But my fox has never been consistently around other animals. My friend's dog has came over once and a fat cat and she just hid under the chair the whole time. It takes her a long time to warm up to other people as well and hides under the chair, because she never sees anyone new (background below). I'm just wondering if a fox that is friendly would help mine become friendly/loving/cuddly or push her away from me from jealousy and grow to hate me? let me know what you think! thank you

My female fox is a yr and 7 mo old. Since she was my first, she is not adequately trained.. (kitty litter 97%, fetch, sit) but no baths, luckily she goes outside because I can't cut her nails either, digging helps. She has a collar on, but I have to fight to get it on, and I don't take it off. I would never be able to get a harness on her. Even as a baby she was never cuddly, and she still isn't. We are getting better with age. I can pick her up now and walk around with her without fighting to get away (I think she secretly likes being picked up). Mon- Fri while my boyfriend and I are at work she goes out into an outdoor kennel and lets off energy (kennel size 15 ft x 10 ft, with an indoor 2x3 ft box inside the garage that she can get into). She loves playing tag, and she's super so happy to see me. I can pet her just find. sudden movements and she shys away, getting better. But she does not like my boyfriend. She never has, always threatens to bite him. He has never hit or yelled at her. We've been together for 5 years now, hes not a new introduction to her. She is much better with him when I'm not around.
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Re: Adding a second fox to the family?

Postby Ash » Fri Nov 17, 2017 6:02 pm

I've had bad experiences with foxes being introduced, although others have had success. My fox Carousel bullied Ifrit so much that Ifrit became a bully. Now Ifrit picks on everyone, even attacking foxes other than Fable. It's become a big issues. Ifrit used to be very friendly with other foxes, but not until Carousel came along. So I've had bad experiences. When Carousel was first introduced, they all got along great for months; it wasn't until a little later that Carousel needed to be separated.

That being said, Fable and Ifrit do great together, but Ifrit was introduced as a kit. Fable was miserable with her for over a year until he finally accepted her.

Two foxes I've taken in for a short time (they're going to their new home in the spring) were not raised together but get along amazingly. Luna and Nova groom each other, sleep together, play together. I couldn't imagine them separate, so when I was adopting them out, they were going to have to go together.

So it really just depends. I don't think it's really possible to know until you try. So I suggest being able to provide two enclosures instead of just one in case they do not get along. Slow and steady introductions can make all the difference. So having them meet between bars every once in a while first is a good idea.

A friend on here has four foxes (or is it five? lol), and only two were raised together. I hope she hops on and comments because all of her foxes get along well and she could provide additional insight. Her name is Linsey.
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