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its been a while........ Food question....

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Re: its been a while........ Food question....

Postby s.iker » Thu Dec 18, 2014 5:38 pm

i do understand the foot traps.. yes "people" may find it inhumane. Others, its part of their life. Im sorry that you do not agree.

i did read the food part.... i wasnt ignoring that as much as i was the whole trapping thing... You may know a lot more than me.. cause your soooo old... but Again, got sidetracked with the other post. What you feed is fine. And i could honestly do that no issue. NBD. But it was off from the trapping and feeding the other animals to them being safe.

And i NEVER said i was "Smarter" than You or anyone helping.. I just find it really upsetting that i have to be lectured on my lifestyle... Trapping. Its part of what i do. Yes I WILL be using foot traps. and then body traps.. So sorry im not sorry....

All i freekin wanted to know, if the animals that i hunt and trap, would be able to be fed to a fox. So i dont have to go out and buy chicken every week, i could use the rabbit or what ever..... :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:

Would it harm my fox if i fed them the meat from these animals? I worry about parasites.. Any other trapping animals that would harm them? Beaver, mink.. etc?

I got the answer, as long as deep froze, or cooked its okay...

oh, and for your science dog food, along time ago, I was told by my vet to feed one of my dogs their prescription science diet dog food, that food killed her. I noticed now, they quit selling it. some vets will push certain dog foods, only because they get a good deal on it.

I wonder if they changed formula, i cant imagine any vet still trying to sell this stuff if this was happening to multiple people. ... and ive been in a few clinics that sold this, and know others that sell it.. Plus my dog has been on hills and no problems.. Hes doing better on it that the other crap that he used to be fed. so :shrug: I really dont know.. But i dont think i would feed it to a fox... i would go with like a blue buffalo or something along those lines.

So im assuming, like with every forum on the internet, cause i disagree with the ones who run it... that i'll prolly get kicked off.. So i'll start looking now for information on pet foxes... I'll say my byes now... :wall:
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Re: its been a while........ Food question....

Postby Ash » Thu Dec 18, 2014 5:53 pm

Whoa, no need to up and leave just because some people are concerned with some of your ideas. If anything, take that, think on it, learn from it, and then ultimately make your own choice. You won't get kicked off for expressing your own opinions. It's very rare that people get booted from the forum--only happened a few times.

Trust me, we all want you here, but since we're all human beings, we all have our own preferences, opinions, and way of doing things. And sometimes we like to share our opinions, even if it isn't what others want to hear.

No need to leave. TamanduaGirl answered you regarding wild-caught animals being safe: certain temperatures, freezing, etc. So you definitely do have your answer there.

I suggested raising your own, merely because yes, I admit, I am concerned with leg-hold traps. But my opinion is my opinion that I've based upon research I've done. Plus, personally, I do feel like raising your own feeders is infinitely cheaper and less time-consuming than shopping/trapping. So was just giving you my two cents there.

It's a sensitive topic to begin with (trapping), so understand that it will make different people respond/react differently.

That being said, you should feel like you're welcome here, even if people don't agree with you. Trust me, I disagree with a LOT of people on here (not going to mention names! lol :icon-wink: ), but I don't hate them for it or want them off the forum.
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Re: its been a while........ Food question....

Postby Ana » Thu Dec 18, 2014 5:57 pm

Foot trapping is controversial for a reason - it's notoriously inhumane. It's unreasonable to come here, to a site
devoted to the care and responsible stewardship of the very animals you intend to maim, and expect that portion
of your statement to be ignored. I think we can all agree that taking any animals life should be done efficiently,
and with the minimal stress and suffering possible. The steel-jawed foothold trap, specifically, has been declared
inhumane by many organizations. Why a person would need something to be outlawed in order to see that it's
outdated and cruel is beyond me.
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Re: its been a while........ Food question....

Postby Ash » Thu Dec 18, 2014 6:04 pm

There are two sides to every issue. Here is the National Trappers Association's comment on it: http://www.nationaltrappers.com/trappingfacts.html. Obviously they are very biased.

Here is what BornFreeUSA has to say on it (yes, animal rights group; hate posting stuff from their websites, but easiest to find): http://www.bornfreeusa.org/facts.php?p=53&more=1. Obviously they are very biased too.

Anyway, I hope this helps all parties to learn and benefit knowledge-wise from foot-trapping. But also make sure to do your own in-depth research on the subject and not just take a glance at the few sights I posted.

As I said, I used to be all for leg-hold traps. Now, I'm really not so sure about them and they make me too wary. That being said, I understand that when they are not properly regulated and checked daily that is obviously inhumane (think everybody agrees on that). After casually speaking with some trappers online briefly, who also didn't like leg-hold traps, it made me feel differently. Admittedly, I haven't researched the subject extensively, but at this point in time, I am against them.

But I also have no problem citing references to the contrary, like I did above.
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Re: its been a while........ Food question....

Postby pat » Fri Dec 19, 2014 10:43 am

thank you ana and ash for understanding my view points on foot trapping.

honestly, I was not trying to start any argument with s.iker. when she mentioned the foot trap, I only wanted to
explain my feelings and reality about it. she took me the wrong way and I guess got mad cause I didn't agree with her :shrug:

I, as many of the members here, love animals, whether they are in the wild or domestic. we don't want to see or hear of any animal suffering. honestly, when daryl escaped years ago, and I was forced to use a foot trap, I was so stressed seeing him
in the trap for less than 5 minutes. then a few months ago, I was on my way home, and someone hit a deer, the deer was still alive and suffering. my only thought was to kill the deer asap so it don't suffer. which fortunately, someone did.
I would rather see an animal dead than suffer. thats just how I am.

I am not against hunting as long as it is done humanely. foot traps are not humane. The only reason I posted about foot traps is so anyone reading s.iker's post about foot trapping thinks it is OK to do so. obviously, she didn't want to read my thoughts on it and didn't seem to care if the animal will suffer.

I really wish foot traps were banned just like the clawed ones were.

I understand you want to keep cost down when feeding your future fox. but, my personal opinion only is, it seems you might be putting more time and energy in trapping wild animals for food. also, pelts are really down in price, so, not sure how much you will make on the pelts.

if you are going to own animals, food expense is usually part of the deal. I usually buy chicken when it is on sale.
or, I go to sam's club and order a box of chicken thighs. a box consists of 6 large packs is about 30.00. (cheaper by the box) I usually cook all it at one time, once cooled, I put it thru a meat grinder, then bag, tag and freeze. this usually last me for almost a month. keep in mind, I am feeding 3 foxes, 2 raccoons and 3 dogs with this. (some of my cats like it too) for my dogs I mix a little ground meat with the chicken... then of course mix with some grain-free dog food at feeding time. I use 4-health, it is cheaper, but, they get more of the cooked food, than the dog food. I also mix some coconut oil, flax seed with the dog food. coconut oil is very good for animals and people.

or, you can raise your own chickens/turkeys. this way, you know the meat will be OK. the eggs is a bonus for you.

again, I was not trying to argue, only giving my view points on foot traps. sorry, you didn't want to accept that.
my major concern is the welfare of all animals..... I only try to help, not hurt.
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