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Should I stop giving her treats?

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Should I stop giving her treats?

Postby Aeroz » Sun Jun 28, 2015 12:19 am

Two issues. One is, I think she's throwing them up. I found her throwing up then re-eating her food after we gave her a new treat. Tried different treats and alot have that affect on her.

Second is behavioral. She goes nuts, even when she gets the treat she'll go after my hand thinking there is more. She'll hide it and snap at anyone that comes close. I'm just not sure if its worth it.
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Re: Should I stop giving her treats?

Postby dragonking » Sun Jun 28, 2015 4:02 pm

It kinda depends, what are you using as treats, and just how often are you giving them?

Some people use kibble as treats while training or just in general with normal treats being a special treat.
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Re: Should I stop giving her treats?

Postby Aeroz » Tue Jun 30, 2015 1:04 am

We've been using a variety, she seems to prefer the taste.

Part of the issue is the family gives her treats against my wishes. I try to limit it to rewards, my mother for example says if one pet gets a treat the other should as well. She also gives the dog two treats before bed, just because.
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Re: Should I stop giving her treats?

Postby Ash » Wed Jul 01, 2015 2:33 am

The issues are not coming from feeding her treats. So no reason to stop giving her delicious little food items to reward her.

The issue comes with what you are using as treats, as well as teaching her not to be bitey. The biting is not coming from being fed treats--it is coming from her being excited.

I feed my foxes dog treats and dog kibble for treats. But they also absolutely love foods like chicken. If your fox is having difficulty with the dog treats, then don't use them as a treat. Use boiled chicken, raw chicken, etc. The chicken is also healthier for them.

It sounds like your fox is also having a problem with inconsistent training if she keeps getting treats for no reason from your mother, and only treats from you for rewards. This makes your effort vain and undoes the work you've put in training her. Try to sit down with your family and tell them kindly, but firmly, that this is your fox, and you want to make sure she has consistency--which means no more treats except when YOU give them to her or say it's okay to give them to her.

Also, when foxes get excited, they get rambunctious. And kits will often get very bitey on top of all that. So she isn't biting because of the treats. She is biting because she is excited. So what you need to focus on right now is just her rambunctious behavior in general. Kits will get less and less bitey as they age if you consistently train them. And when they hit adulthood, they won't bite; instead, they will mouth very gently.

So no, don't stop giving her treats. Treats are a great way to reward animals like foxes, and it really helps a fox view you as a good thing. Treats can help make your fox bond to you. Just choose a different type of treat if her stomach is getting upset, and be sure to work with her on the biting.

Hope everything works out. :)
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