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Good Diet Plans?

When to spay, food, treats, illnesses, grooming, parasites, odor, Teeth, other care as it pertains to health, etc.

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Good Diet Plans?

Postby ScottyB » Thu Mar 02, 2017 3:53 pm

Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to get every bit of info together prior to getting a Red Fox.

I'm trying to come up with a diet sheet that is easy but healthy.

I plan on having a dry food down 24/7, but I wonder what and how much meats, eggs, and vegetables they should be given.

I realize this differs from a kit to adult so any and all info will be helpful for me to at least learn from and make a decision.

More looking for amounts of the items.

I have read many many different meats to give them for taurine which I know is important, I'm just afraid of giving to much

food or not enough.

Anyone that's posts thanks a whole lot for your replies. I have read so many different diet posts but haven't come up with a

really good diet sheet that said how much and so on.

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