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it's depressing

Tiger, lion, cougar, leopard, anything cheetah size or larger

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it's depressing

Postby naja-naja » Sun Aug 09, 2015 2:10 pm

I was browsing through the cached version of the old exotic catz site, and i decided to research the authors of some of the articles and the facilities and breeders mentioned, see of any were still in operation, and i was very badly disappointed. it turns out the majority of them ended in some sort of tragedy either a cat escaped, or killed someone, or ended up being seized. the few names i found that didn't end up with this fate are now all zoos or breeders of other animals, that no longer keep big cats or only have ageing non breeding 'mascots' or 'pets' is this the future of everyone who becomes a big cat owner? even the links to other websites are only in cached form now, as many of those operations no longer do exotics either. I have to wonder, even in those states where it is legal on paper to own these animals, are there any available to buy for those who are not zoos or sanctuaries? or does a lack of big cat breeders and a prohibition on import mean a de facto ban on these animals. even if you look at this website, the few people who did keep the truly impressive animals, the lions, tigers and bears... no longer post any more. i find it hard to believe that they all quit the forum/the internet, even though some may well have, i think it more likely that many of them simply couldn't keep their animals any more, and just faded away. I'm scared that when it becomes right for me to be able to own these animals, there will be no-one left able to sell to me.
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Re: it's depressing

Postby pat » Sun Aug 09, 2015 3:51 pm

I agree, it looks like many big cats along with many other larger exotics are less in private owners.

I believe this whole problem started with the zanesville ohio incident.
http://abcnews.go.com/US/zanesville-ani ... d=14767017
I personally dont think this was suicide. I think it was a cover up.

since this happened, the state of ohio clamped down hard on many of the exotic owners, even smaller ones.
then, other states follow suit. many of the ohio residents were forced to give up their big cats and bears,
even many other smaller exotics.. if they wanted to keep them, they had pay a very high dollar insurance every year.
the last I heard, there were sanctuaries being built for re-home.

what hurts the exotic owners, is when some people buy these large animals without thinking ahead as they grow.
some people puts too much trust in these animals. no matter what, they still have wild instincts.
they should have a very very secure enclosure with with double fencing.

I have seen or heard of people keeping their tigers or bears in too small enclosures.
basically, you get out what is put into these animals for their well being.

I still have my bears. but, right now, one is sick. the expense for treatment or exam is very expensive
and finding a knowledgeable vet is almost impossible. with tiger owners,it would be way worse.

I can't say this enough to people wanting these type of animals, "make sure you completely understand the proper care"
I also refer to any type of exotics, even small ones. I hear too many times people get foxes, coons etc,
then realize later, it is not what they thought. we cannot expect any species of animals to have the same type of care and personality. they are not like house cats and dogs. they all need different type of handling them along with complete understanding of them.
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Re: it's depressing

Postby ginger » Fri Sep 18, 2015 6:10 pm

I'm sorry to hear one of your bears is sick.

Have you tried to see if a department at the Cornell Vet school might have someone with experience there? Ithaca isn't too far from PA, and the school does have several lectures and people focusing on zoological/exotic animal studies...

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