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Jungle Cat Hybrid Declaw Salvage

Bengal, Savannah, and Chausie, all Hybrids of domestic cats with exotic/wild cat species

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Jungle Cat Hybrid Declaw Salvage

Postby frankenstein » Fri Nov 06, 2015 11:06 am

Hi Everybody,

I am on a mission. This post is two fold

1. has anyone done a declaw salvage surgery with their pet before? if so was it fragment removal or tendon adjustment? Can you give me an idea of what it costs so I can be more accurate with my fundraising? Can you let me know where you went to have the sugery done? was it successful?

2. I have started a fundraiser for my good friend's F2 Jungle Cat Hybrid. The cat, Serabi, was declawed by previous owners and because of her behaviors and the callous' on her paw, we have been suspecting that the declaw came with complications. A vet told us the arthritis she has comes from the poorly done surgery and the pain causes her moody behavior. Can you please share this campaign around?

I understand that giving money over to strangers seems like a bad idea, so if you would prefer to give directly to the vet then I can provide that info as well. I was hoping it could get shared enough times and some people gave $1 here or there it could help put a dent in the surgery costs. The owner rescues some of the most stubborn exotics that cannot find homes, so she takes them. Unfortunately she spends ~$1500 on allergy meds and just spent $1000 when her Savannah went into heart failure.

please check it out share if you can, and thank you for your time and welcoming onto the board!!


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Re: Jungle Cat Hybrid Declaw Salvage

Postby GitaBooks » Fri Nov 06, 2015 7:58 pm

Poor Serabi, I hope you can fix her claws and paws. When anyone besides a vet tries to declaw their cat, there are usually complications.

Best of luck! : )

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