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Exlaination for my cats Behavior

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Exlaination for my cats Behavior

Postby H20 Sl » Thu Sep 22, 2016 12:08 pm

I have a cat named Tony. I got him at the pound on my birthday, I believe for 1 or 2 years, but I can't remember. He's the same age as my other cat, Shannon. 6, but maybe 7. I raised Shannon.

Anyways, my cat Tony has had some problems ever sense i got him. The first thing i noticed right away is that, he will drag any clothes on the floor, take them to his food bowl, and eat it. He will go from food, to sock, food to sock, and eventually, he will eat it all.
But of course, i figured out that if i put the bowl where he has to jump, he will not bring a sock, or shirt ect.,ect. I've been wondering what could have caused him to do such a thing. I'm almost positive that is the reason his previous owners got rid of him.

He also, was abused, i think. He's EXTREMELY submissive, he will crouch wide eyed, and purr, ears back. I believe someone hit him. Even putting my hand up, he'll crouch low, and sit in fear, or crouch and bolt. I notice if I massage his scruff, he looks terrified

He is a very very very sweat cat. Wants 24/7 attention, pets, scratches. I don't know though, I think that is just his personality. He used to meow constantly, bu now I have more time with him and he now has Shannon. He was my moms cat.

He will pee on bundles of things. Like my dog bed for Bo, it was bundled up because i had just washed it, and he peed all over it. Iv'e seen pee in the basement, EVERYWHERE. He peed on a jacket, sleeping bag, whatever bundles up.

I'm just wondering about why he does this, it's very strange.
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Re: Exlaination for my cats Behavior

Postby TamanduaGirl » Thu Sep 22, 2016 1:17 pm

Taking your clothing items may be a way to stay feeling close to you since it has your scent on it. It's much more common for a dog to do it but that's why a dog would.

The marking things would also be to make him feel more secure I think as he's making it smell like him.

When I adopted a past cat she had been through many homes in her life already. After she got comfortable enough to stop hiding she started pooping in my bed but once she realized we weren't getting rid of her too she quit. But it sounds like you've had him for years so I think you're stuck with the habit. The bundled up items probably seem strange to him so he pees on them to make them feel safer.

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