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Japanese Books on Pet Owl Care

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Japanese Books on Pet Owl Care

Postby Peacefulward » Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:34 pm

As you all may or may not know already, Japan has a very large and flourishing trade in exotic pets. Owls, in particular, are very popular. I found a few books on pet owls, but they're all in Japanese... It's still cool to know they exist, and they undoubtedly contain valuable information on pet owls. I might get one of my friends to help me translate some of the information.
I added a short summary of what each book seems to cover below the links.

Fukuro Kanzen Shiku Shiku, Hinshu, Sesshi Kata No Koto Ga Yoku Wakaru (PERFECT PET OWNER'S GUIDES)
The "perfect pet owners guide" to owls, covering care and behavior.

Fukuro Kaeru Shurui, Tabemono, Sesshi Kata, Nakayoku Naru Hoho Ga Sugu Wakaru! (Shodobutsu Kai Kata Jozu Ni Nareru!)
Owl care, feeding, and food preparation.

Hajimete No Fukuro to No Kurashi Kata (Ichiban Yakudatsu Pet Series)
Manual on owl breeding and health.
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